My name is Robert Baldwin as you can see. I'm 15 years old in Blackwood NJ. I like to talk and help people with there gameing EXP if they need help with something. back to me I'm going for a career in the IT field for game designing. hopefully in the future you will be playing some of the games i help create and you will enjoy. I go to school at Camden county technical school working under two college professors Gil Ryan, and Steven Stia. that's me becoming what hopefully i can become.


My interest are mostly RPG games. like lost odyssey,infinite undiscovery,some of the tales series,and final fantasy. I also like war games like every one know the modern warfare if you haven't played it you have got to try it!!!! most of the time in RPGs games kind of games i like to level up and kill every thing i can and become the best. Also if you like Zelda that is a good game.

Robert Baldwin


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