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Feb 18, 09 8:31pm

Well as i'm sure most of you guys who will read this blog already know, I finally launched my flagship on February 9th. Been in development with it since early November 2008, and I have dedicated about 8-12 hours a day on it. Now that it is finally released, I thought I would be able to breathe a breath of fresh air, but oh no there is so much more to do/think about. I knew that after release I would be the one responsible for keeping the server online, making updates, keeping security up to date, but its a lot more than I thought possible.

Our second day online I felt it necessary to get an IP Ban tool working, just in case we had attacks on the site. Well at night time, a team of a couple users decided to do just that, and unfortunately my ip ban tool was not the most efficient. I ended up working from 9 am to midnight, then having a 2.5 hour deletion fest with people wanting to take my site down. After it was over with, I was beat down to say the least. But the next day I was fully rejuvinized. I fixed the ip ban tool, as well as all ban tools overall, and enacted a few guest stipulations. Guests now have to wait 3 minutes between requests to the site; this encourages them to register as well as not being able to bot 9,000 things on my site in a matter of seconds. Overall the most crucial day of the project.

The following week was less eventful as that previous night malicious wise. Activity keeps increasing exponentially, and everyday more and more of our pages keep getting indexed by google. Its exciting to say the least. And to top it all off, participating on the site is actually addicting! On my off time (not that much mind you), participating on the site is fun, enjoyable, and open; I love it. Hopefully I have created something that will go viral, something people enjoy using, and something that promotes open knowledge and and an open mindset. Only time will tell.

I have much, much more planned for questional, and was hoping to keep this blog as an insight into the mind of a programmer. I can definitely say without fail that I now truly understand Redemption and some of the things he goes through. I already have amassed a to-do list that spans several months; its not as easy as you think to just push updates. I do try to work 12 hours a day still, I really wanna show that i'm working my face there and that if you want a feature you'll have it.

I'll try to keep this updated with the challenges I encounter and my personal story as a web developer/administrator/server admin.

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Jan 26, 09 5:25am

Gimme those AVVIES!

The website that I am developing ( is going to finally be released Feb 1st! While that is very exciting for my team and I, we are working to make the site super easy and accessible to all types of users. For that reason, we realize not all members are tech savy or have the ability to make their own avatars.

Because I do not cherish the thought of a new website having hundreds of users with a "no avatar" type of avatar, we put in a feature to allow users to choose an avatar from a list of already made images.

This is where you guys come in!

Send your old/unused or even new avatars my way that you can donate!

The avatar stipulations are just like neos as I love their size of 65 X 65 pixels. The only thing is that you cannot have any stock in your avatar as I (and probably you) do not own that stock image used.

Here is a preview of the above feature if you do not quite understand the concept:

Graphic Credit

I am going to be putting in a tribute page for those who have submitted avatars. This is a nice chance to get your name out as a graphic artist! We have an advertising campaign to target upwards of 700,000 students in the united states DIRECTLY in the first month. So the exposure is going to be huge!

PM me, list them here, or go to the thread in Graphic Requests. I highly appreciate anything you guys can contribute.

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Dec 21, 08 2:19pm

Intro / History
So I figured it would be fun to keep a blog on here about the launching of my flagship website I'm not going to go into too many details on the site because I gotta keep my trade secrets, but I will say that its an even bigger and better version of yahoo answers & answerbag. I'm actually hoping that its going to be my permanent retirement fund, but we'll see. Even if it just gives me enough income to live off of ($1500-$3000 a month) I will be ecstatic.

Logo Mock 3
Anyway, I just wasn't 100% cool with the logos that I put up last time. They were nice, but they just didn't make me feel "WOW". This is a logo my head administrator is going to be getting his whole side of his car detailed with, so its gotta be snazzy. Anyway, without further ado here is what I call "mock 3".

(Actually its pictured above, still some bugs to work out with blogs -_-)

Personally I love it. But i'm a perfectionist with this site. From all previous stuff i've done, you would think that my site had like a $500,000 funding or something! (lolz) I'll probably be putting my mock 8 logo up, but at least i'm that much closer to launching.

I'm not an avid css coder. I just can't do it. Graphics is just completely out of my scope. Originally I was going to outsource my layout for the site, but thats $800 to $1200 of my budget I now get back. I made a 3 column css layout, and my graphic artist has already sent me a mock 2 version it and i'm just blown away. I can't wait to see what the final look is. I made it all blocky, she is giving those divs definition and making transitional effects between the divs and body. Its amazing.

My Team
I'll finish up with posting information about my team. I know your not supposed to hire your friends, but these people have always had my back going on years now, and I trust them with my life.

  • Software Designer (php/mysql) / CEO: That would be the creator, Me duh :D. I have so much planned for this site that i'm going to be coding daily. I definitely hope to learn some things like scaling an application, mysql replication, and managing a database of over a million records (thats the part that scares me!).

  • Head Administrator --> Basically my Redemption or Any Super. Pretty much the face of my site. I would love to fill that spot, but with the plans I have going on, i'm going to need to be developing daily for at least the first 6 months. I love it, but in retrospect I won't actually be running the site at all.

  • Graphic Artist / CSS Artist / Creative Director --> In charge of all graphic and visual aspects of the site (with final approval by yours truly obviously). She is a great friend of mine with an amazing graphics sense. Everything she has made thus far is wonderful and I would be no where or flat broke without her. Hooking her up with a job in my company is a dream come true for her and myself.

  • Advertising / Finances / CFO / Asst Administrator --> In charge of learning our advertising campaign as much as she knows her *bleep*. Also, doing all payroll, taxes, all that money garbage I want no part of. (Well except for cashing my check :D ). Since these duties won't be 100% full time, she will also be assisting my head administrator in running the site.

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    Dec 15, 08 10:47am

    Hey guys! I have some prototypes for a website that i'm working on ( ), and I need some help choosing my logo! Gimme some feedback! Feel free to leave comments here, or directly on each of the images link! Thanks!

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