*Modest Infiltrator Noibat 31 iv's in HP, Def, SpA & SpD *Adamant Solid Rock Tirtouga 31 iv's in SpD & Spd

Back from a hiatus, and I've got pokemon I don't feel like wonder trading away. Mostly looking for heart scales, b

Kalos Bred: Tirtouga UT lvl 1 (in a dream ball) Adamant Nature & Solid Rock Ability x/x/x/x/31/31 no egg moves Poke

http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Bagon_(Pokémon)#In_events Japanese name, ID # 56452 UT lvl 5 female Adaman

Have extras I don't need, so they're up for trade. Only looking to trade events for other events I don't have alr

I'm looking to trade my serious natured pokemon bank celebi. looking for one w/ another decent or neutral nature. mine ha

Now that pokemon bank is finally out, I can start breeding stuff that's actually worth something once again. Below is the

I'm tired of seeing all these threads about people getting scammed by "cloners", so I'm finally giving in a

I'm currently breeding 4/5iv bold cleffas w/ stored power, wish & aromatherapy in moon balls. Looking for other egg m

Flawless 6iv M Darumaka - adamant & hustle w/ flame wheel Perfect 5iv 3M & 1F Phantump - impish & harves

Pokebank Japanese 6iv ditto, modest nature. Looking for good iv pokebank legendaries

Both events are japanese and trophies. Will list iv spread though: Lvl 51 Genesect, sassy nature, download ability _16/5/

have a male and female w/ perfect iv spread (adamant nature missing sp. att). also have a pair w/ flawed 5ivs (adamant missin

It is a pokebank ditto. Modest nature w/ 6iv's. Looking for good pokebank legendaries

Trading my spare set of charizardite stones (X & Y). Looking for 5iv pokemon I don't already have. gastly noibat

Offering my spare set of Charizardite stones (1 X stone & 1 Y stone) Not sure exactly what I want for them. I don't

Title says it all. Most of what I have is in the thread in my sig

4iv Ditto (Japanese) bashful nature 5iv Ditto (English) lax nature 3iv Imposter Ditto (English) modest nature all h

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