Have a bunch sitting in boxes I don't need. Mainly Looking for evolution stones that can't be bought in game and hear

List should be up to date. Can also clone trade if you need (I am a trusted cloner). https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/

WORLD14 Aegislash UT lvl 50 8/16/2014 Proud of its power Takes plenty of siestas Likes to fight Looking for other char

They're cloned & looking for other characteristics & Gen 6 events that can't be obtained in North America. No

Got home from the event a couple hours ago, and picked this up (obviously). I'm only looking for uncloned, UT events that

Used my extra game to grab a few of these. They are UNCLONED and I would like to keep them that way. One has today's d

I've been throwing around the idea of restarting my game and I've got a bunch of stuff sitting it boxes that I don&am

I saw this on another board and thought this would be some very useful information. I know some people don't care about h

All of these are _not shiny_, but should have perfect IV's where needed, most with egg moves also :) I will double che

Jirachi UT lvl 10 ID: 08014 Date: 8/1/2014 Characteristic: Mischevious Looking for other natures :D

To celebrate the opening of our new shop, and to get some exposure to it http://www.neoseeker.com/forums/36473/t2041026-open-

Looking for the ones listed in the title. Must be female and in dream balls w/ their hidden abilities, don't care about I

6iv Quiet (Non KB) Quiet/Limber lvl 48 F (SPA) Pinsir (KB) Adamant/Moxie Focus Energy, X-Scissor, Thrash, Quick Atta

Looking for different natured Diancies. I have Adamant & Hasty already. Offering anything https://docs.google.com/spreads

Looking for Diancies with a different nature than Adamant I've got a list of my events and Shinies https://docs.google

Whatever doesn't get traded in the next 24 hours will get wonder traded. All pokemon all UT lvl 1 unless specified M

Don't have too many this time. Haven't had alot of time to breed lately, but here's what I've got for now. Lo

Only looking for other Gen 6 Events. All of these are cloned (were cloned before I got them),and will be cloned when you get

They're all cloned & KB. Looking for other KB shiny pokemon. I can also clone trade also _Rules:_ 1. Please don&a

Got it yesterday, but I can't redeem it since I live in the US and it's a foreign code. If anyone can help me out, I

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