Streaming Alien: Isolation... IN THE DARK:
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor stream starting up again right now!
Starting up the Shadow of Mordor stream again!
I'm going to stream The Vanishing of Ethan Carter! Let's talk about it!
Big Hero 6, yes please:
Hey folk, I'm about to start streaming all of The Wolf Among Us, Season One!
Here's the latest H1Z1 gameplay demo. It's, well, if you've seen that type of game before...
Big Hero 6 trailer! I can't wait to see it. :D
Wolfenstein: The New Order PART 2 starting up again!
Trials Fusion livestream! Go, motorcycles, go!
Elder Scrolls online early access has begun! I am video interneting it:
Diablo III, day two! Starting at Act III! Level 30something or other:
Streaming some Diablo III from level one in preparation for Reaper of Souls:
Titanfall streamin'!
Started my "AFK at the Titanfall start screen while I work" stream. Because it's hilarious.

Streaming some South Park: The Stick of Truth, because video games:
Playing some ranked League of Legends!
Streaming a playthrough of The Stanley Parable:
Streaming Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons!
Streaming Killzone: Shadow Fall late game!
Hey all, streaming Killzone: Shadow Fall tonight!
ARE YOU READY FOR WWE 2K14? Kinda, maybe? WWE2K14 X360
Smoker & Outlaw scenario for One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 trailer: OnePiecePirateWarriors2 PS3
Latest European trailer for Soul Calibur II HD Online: Soulcalibur2HDOnline X360
The Akiba Strip / Akiba's Trip logo is intentional, right? Anyway, here's the latest Japanese trailer: AkibasTripUndeadandUndressed PS3
Cities of Tomorrow DLC launch trailer is up. Anyone picking this up? Anyone still playing? SimCity2013 PC
Latest Need for Speed Rivals trailer showcases the AllDrive feature, still don't know what it is: NeedForSpeedRivals XONE
Trailer for the punch in the gut for everyone who spent money on all of Borderlands 2's DLC individually: Borderlands2 X360
Lots of love going around for this PS4 NBA2K14 trailer. Looks like the darkest depths of the uncanny valley to me: NBA2K14 PS4
Latest Tales of Xillia 2 English trailer released: TalesOfXillia2 PS3
God Eater 2 opening movie is all anime up in here, if you're into that:
Next Batman: Arkham Origins villain revealed! Electrocutioner! "Superman, huh huh huh."
Started writing up this Warlock 2: The Exiled announcement trailer, until I watched it:
Bravely Default's "Intro English" trailer!
Barring how perverted this guy comes across, this is super cool:
Race the Sun launch trailer! Reminds me of like a StarFox endless racer. :D