Big Hero 6, yes please:
Hey folk, I'm about to start streaming all of The Wolf Among Us, Season One!
Evolve PC alpha is taking registrations! Password: happyhunting
Aw, man. That scratched up Neoseeker E3 award in Airtight Games closure announcement...

Airtight Games has quietly closed its Redmond headquarters, bringing an apparent end to its 10-year run as an independent video-game development shop less than a month after the debut of its newest title for PCs and consoles.

Here's the latest H1Z1 gameplay demo. It's, well, if you've seen that type of game before...
Big Hero 6 trailer! I can't wait to see it. :D
Wolfenstein: The New Order PART 2 starting up again!
Mario Kart 8 and Mario Golf: World Tour reviews!

Everyone should by now know what Mario Kart is all about. After all, we're on the verge of the eighth game in the series being released on Wii U and Nintendo isn't particularly known for innovating with each iteration of the franchise.

We're watching Bethesda's Wolfenstein: The New Order livestream: Hi guys, We're going to be showing a live,

Trials Fusion livestream! Go, motorcycles, go!
Elder Scrolls online early access has begun! I am video interneting it:
Diablo III, day two! Starting at Act III! Level 30something or other:
Streaming some Diablo III from level one in preparation for Reaper of Souls:
Titanfall streamin'!
Inazuma Eleven review!

How Level-5's soccer RPG was not localized for western audiences earlier than 2014 I will never know, but that's exactly the question I was left with both prior to starting the game and after I'd finished it. Inazuma Eleven is exactly the sort of gam...

Started my "AFK at the Titanfall start screen while I work" stream. Because it's hilarious.

Streaming some South Park: The Stick of Truth, because video games:
Steam's introducing "Tags" to game profiles. Is Call of Duty "Hardcore"? Now you'll know.

You can help shape the way that millions of customers shop for games on Steam. Just visit the Steam Store page for your favorite game or software and apply tags that you think are appropriate or relevant to that title.

We capture a wild Aurigae in the tall grass and have set her to write news for us. :D

Sorry Americans, we will be banking our Pikachus without you Pokemon Bank and Pokemon Transporter, the two applications Nintendo 3DS Pokemon fans have all been waiting for. Our European and Australian Pokemon fans received good news today, they can f...

Playing some ranked League of Legends!
Today is the last day to vote in Neoseeker's Community Game of the Year poll! Go, go, go!

Hey everyone! It's that time of the year again. Game of the Year time.

Hey everyone! Avalith wrote a news post! Look at it:

Bundle up, but buyer beware Some savvy searchers noticed an odd product listing on mentioning something about the Fable series and asked Microsoft for more information. Yes, there is a Fable Trilogy coming.

Streaming a playthrough of The Stanley Parable:
Neoseeker Community's Game of the Year poll's day one update -- Pokemon X/Y holds a very small lead:

Hey everyone! It's that time of the year again. Game of the Year time.

Streaming Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons!
Neoseeker's Community Game of the Year voting thread is up!

Hey everyone! It's that time of the year again. Game of the Year time. Last year we held a Community Game of the Year pol

Halo 5 or another hoax countdown? Nothing seems authentic to me:

Microsoft Studios, Co. ; 343 Industries

Streaming Killzone: Shadow Fall late game!
Ys: Memories of Celceta review opportunity:

Hey everyone, me again! Much like with Valhalla Knights 3, the editorial crew can't rangle up the time to review everythi

Hey all, streaming Killzone: Shadow Fall tonight!
More discussion about BioShock Infinite is exactly what the world needs.

Disclaimer: The opinions and viewpoints expressed by the various authors (including me) do not necessarily reflect the opinions and viewpoints of Neoseeker. About a week has passed since BioShock Infinite got its first story DLC, Burial at Sea - E...

Looking for two reviewers! Mario & Sonic at the Olympic games and Senren Kagura Burst!

Hey everyone. Rory the Editor here with a community review opportunity for everyone.. This post is to say we are looking for

We're giving away a set of Pokemon X/Y TCG Kalos Starter Deluxe Sets:

Note to Guests: NOTE: The Pokémon XY Forum is solely used for the discussion of the game. If you want to battle or trade with each other please use the Trading and Battle forums. NOTE: The Pokémon XY Forum is solely used for the discussion of the gam...

ARE YOU READY FOR WWE 2K14? Kinda, maybe? WWE2K14 X360
Smoker & Outlaw scenario for One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 trailer: OnePiecePirateWarriors2 PS3
Latest European trailer for Soul Calibur II HD Online: Soulcalibur2HDOnline X360