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Mar 10, 15 3:33am
Yay! Excited for dis. :D
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Mar 6, 15 2:48am My. Word. Have I seen a ghost? Did I fall in love? I feel like I've fallen on my butt and

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Aug 27, 13 9:47am
Dragoon's really going all out on this! You should take advantage. ;D

Well guys, I think it's about time we got this party started. 50 years of thus truly fantastic show, it would be a shame if we as a community didn't do anything to celebrate it. Me and IcarusAbides have been planning this for a few weeks now and w...

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Aug 1, 13 9:40am
Awww, yes.

Well it just wouldn't be Doctor Who without a serious amount of confusion and conflicting information so in addition to Blazing Tempest's thread here, there is also this:quote

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Jul 12, 13 10:30am
Time to shut my mouth, since trying to have fun has already put me in hot water!

quote CHKFLIP"wah wah they're lynching me so they're scum!"L2PWelcome to the first scum lynch, Homicide. Glad to see you're town.Thank you.I wanted to be more active a little sooner, but I've been playing your game over at the wrestling R/I forum...

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Jul 10, 13 8:40pm
All the new ways the share ideas about video games...

Neoseeker 2k13 Profile Upgrade Hi everyone,We're very excited to welcome you to the new 2k13 profile upgrade, one of the largest and most ambitious upgrades we've ever done to the site.This is a major change to Neoseeker's game and user profiles t...