Jul 14, 15 5:43pm
bluexy shared a video from
Jul 13, 15 5:00pm
Streaming some Final Fantasy XIV as I get closer to Heavensward content! Join in, hopefully will be fun:
bluexy shared a link
Jul 03, 15 6:30pm
I'm stepping down from Neoseeker's editorial team. My fondest farewell to the community and staff:

When @RabidChinaGirl invited me onto Neoseeker's writing staff in early 2012 I never expected I'd be here three and a

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Jul 02, 15 3:48pm
Batman stream! Spoiler-rich!
Jun 29, 15 1:05pm
Yay! Symphonic Abyss helping out with news again this summer! Welcome back, Max!
Jun 23, 15 8:19pm
Starting the Batman Knight in an Asylum game. Come watch:
Jun 11, 15 8:11am
Jun 09, 15 8:54am
Another PC meltdown. Going to need to reformat+reinstall Windows. News late again, today. :( Sorry.
Jun 09, 15 12:28am
Jun 04, 15 2:16pm
Internet's been down since this morning. Can't someone tell Time Warner it's E3?
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May 29, 15 1:47pm
Wave 4 Amiibos on sale in 15 minuts on Amazon!

Online shopping for Amiibo Wave 4 Availability Information from a great selection at Video Games Store.

Bruce bluexy
May 24, 15 1:41pm
Latest news?
Iconic bluexy
May 12, 15 4:17pm
Hey what's blue and smells like red paint?
bluexy shared a link
May 07, 15 8:48am
Want to see how to get promoted to a section moderator? Grats Justplayingitcool. :D

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt forum. Join our community and participate in a collection of forum threads, questions, answers, and other discussions about The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Apr 23, 15 12:35am
Hai retired from C9. :( All my tears.
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Apr 19, 15 3:37pm
Get in on Art Central's ARTLYMPICS! Don't let round 1 pass you by. :D

Hello everyone and welcome to the Art Central forum's ARTLYMPICS! The cry for a contest within the forum has been heard

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Apr 17, 15 11:49pm
The Art Central Forum's ARTLYMPICS have begun! Check it out and please join in on the fun:

Hello everyone and welcome to the Art Central forum's ARTLYMPICS! The cry for a contest within the forum has been heard

Apr 07, 15 1:14pm
Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. I have so many amazing Neoseeker friends. I'm happy to spend my birthday here. <3
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Apr 03, 15 12:52pm
More 200cc goodness! Today is Grumble Volcano:

Another day, another 200cc trailer from Nintendo. Today they're showing off almost the entirety of a Grumble Volcano race

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