Pac Man Nemesis bloodygates2000
Jan 17, 05 4:57am
Are you mentally *bleep*? Who calls their own sister hot??? Rofl... you make a bad name for asians... seriously. That was an amusing joke for our entertainment I'm guessing ---> too many to count (same with the # of girlfriends I have). (Sisters don't count as girlfriends).
iamwasted bloodygates2000
Sep 29, 04 12:39pm
can 1 sl!de my toobstick into your sister. \--/-
Bennet bloodygates2000
Sep 15, 04 1:54pm
Can you send me a pic of your hot sistas playa? Your alrite g and your lucky to have hot sisters. Ill add ya to my msn playa, send the pics then ok. Later homie
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