TechnoBlaster bloodwolf
Feb 5, 13 8:22am
Welcome to Neoseeker! I hope you stay a long time, and we become good friends. Good day to you!
Elfinthearcher bloodwolf
Jan 24, 13 10:53am
Peach plants 1-up shrooms and when it grows...
Ok mush mouth eats 1-up shrooms
Then chewy goes Mwamamamamamamaammaamamghhhh
Uh but then chocobo loves the heart of america
Is it food?
Ronald dies of a heart stamp
Curse you swoobat
Then el tauro flirte never removed his mask
Appa hump hump
(David bueller day off music plays)
Momo humps appa "hohohoho"
Then nekomita kicks megan foxes in her boxers
woof woof
Omg its sen'ior woof woofs (herdier)
-mexican marachi plays
Then batman plays the organ with argoth the relentless
And gundams dance to gangnam style
Uhhhh science "raocow"
But science is a mouse "adventure time"
Who discovered america
Why the native americans did
And she wolf falls to reases pieces
MM baby back ribs (buffallo roaming sauce)
Then finnaly togekisses explode to sorry for party rocking
Rock your body comon comon fergie rock your body
Backstreets back ouch aright
You make me feel like meh
who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

Then spongebob is eaten like sponge cake

Chibipet Pikk bloodwolf
Oct 29, 12 12:05pm
Hello there wolf.