happy new years XD i'm late
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re: blah

hi man how are you ? read more

kongregate kongregate kongregate :D

:3 halo FTW can't wait for halo 4 make more money then black ops on xbox read more

if you have mw3 i will beat you black ops i went easy on you XD read more

this is very true bro XD read more

-__- black ops 2 will suck on good thing that would be good is zombie and thats about it read more

(>^_^>) hugthe world make it a better place :D >_> <_< D: XD X_X
in halo 4 i'm the green guy :3
if you want to be in my mw3 clan p.m so you can be put on youtube
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i iwill be here http://www.kongregate.com/games/DDTankTeam/ddtank look for gk4com in the chat in the game i'm killerGK peace guys