now get out of my sight. xD
just kidding.

Sowwies for the lateness.

you are very lucky,if you were'nt cool i would'nt hav done dis but u are cool and amazing!The problem is i dont know have a stamp:(
u are a dude rite? Well anywaz srry i don't got noe stamp!! >_< Well thought i'd sign ur book this stuff just comes to me out of no where it's like i'm on the gold forum and i suddenly feel like i have to sign some1's book!
Hey Blackomnimon,I just drop by to tell you that if you find any rumors,tell about it in the rumors thread i made.THANKS!

hello hello !!!
it's nice to see you black omnimon by the way i will
sign your guet book as a kind of fun

Digital Warp
Hi im Vv's friend so I just wanted to say hi, since you're in her guest book. So hi.
Please sign my guest book I really dont have many friends on neoseeker.

Black Rose
well you said in avatar that if I sign your geust book then you will sign mine so here it is my name in your geus book


Hey how's it going??See ya in DRA2! I like Digimon Hehehe(well duh its in my name)

P.S. Sign my G-Book if you get a chance
Ey...just wanted to sign guestbooks...I seen you in DW..You sound like a nice guy...nweiz hope to see you in other forums..and if you have time drop by and sign mine...=D
it was a long time, sorry i wasnt able to sign immediately. schools a torcher. if you're wondering, we have different school time here. you can check my profile to know why.
so what;s up? um c-ya
Hey!!! We have a batlle to finish don't forget it but i can't go in giveupalready so this have to wait did you found it?i promisse that i'll win.......cya
thanks for signing my guestbook like is said

her is my signature... See ya around the

pokemon yellow forum...;)

Here's my signature! Please sign mine sometime if you can!

glad you signed my guestbook. that's good. well, I'm signing yours now. that's also good. also, I would like to state somthing...

*clears throat*

....-_-; I forgot what I was gonna say
See, I told you guys I would for sure sign your guestbook if you sign mine.

So whats up?
Just to let you know, I've totally given up that STUPID digimon game. It is pissing me off too much. I will break my playstation if I play that game anymore. Oh well, it was only a rental.

I would like to try Digimon World 3, that looks like an easier game, since you have three digimon instead of one.
BKomnimon Sup
hahahahahahah i thought ide sign well here goes
(getting out a pen)
(signing this thing)
(putting lid on pen)
there you are well seeya
Yo! Been a long time, yo? I hope you get to be the Mod of Digimon World for the Playstation. Do you want DW4? I hope it's fun!

P.S. Nice Avatar! Impmon is cute!
I'm signing yours b/c you signed mine. You're real nice and I hope to see ya around the other forums and DW1 forum. See ya!

WELL HERE WE GO.....i promisse sign your guestbook ......now i've signed but i don't know what write but........this is it see ya around bye
Hi! Your avatar is soooo cute!! Keep posting in the pokemon yellow forum, we need to keep it as busy as possible!!
I don't know what else to say, but I have to do 125 letters. Well, here goes!
blackomnimon i signed because of the pm's you sent to me bye see you at school monday

im signing this becouse you are real nice and you aways show up on my threads well thats all i really wanted to say have a good life
Thanks for signing my guest book, not many people have. Noe I'm signing yours.

I don't know what else to write. Well see you later.

I'm going to sign you're guestbook so you have to sign mine.Muh ha ha ha!I mean really no one signs it... But oh well.Okay the rest is to get over the 125.Sign Mine Sign Mine Sign Mine Sign Mine Sign Mine Okay I think thats enough.