YIKES! This too?

Oh here is somehting worthwhile,

Persistent thingy aren't you. Fine if you so went a pearl of wisdom hear me know.

"laws were made, for people and the law can never scorn a mans right to be free"

By the way, unless we have met on a forum and acknowledged each other, please reconsider PMing me, I am not saying don't but think about it more than simply thinking that we both like one game, unless you have quite the interest in the consle wars as well and can review your idea logically, note, reviewing logically does not mean, you can't be a fanboy, it just means you have to realise that ideas like a motion sensor controller and an heavily priced supercharged console can fail. Please note I am not sayiong they will, I mean from the veiw we all had to take before their release, find that fact acceptable. By the way I go pro Wii and pro Wii60 to be honest.


WOW! People actually read these?

Well your determined to know about my favored items then aren't you. To be honest I thought most would give up.

Games: Sonic, Zelda, Smash.
Sports: Shot Put, Javelin, Discis.
Music: I find the traditional Irish ballads supreme.

Here's a simple.

Finnegan's Wake (It is the story of Finnegan's Wake)
Will You Come to the Bower (A great song, in my opinion it could be used in tourism advertisements for America)
The Wild Rover (A song for someone turning around there ways)
The Holy Ground (A song for heavy drinking sailors)
Home Boys, Home (A song warning the ladies of such sailers)
The Rocky Road to Dublin (A song about the trip of Cultchy to Dublin)
I'll Tell me Ma (An interesting song about a young girl)
Seven Drunken Nights (A song about a secret affair from the outside)
The Galway Races (A song about Irish men of all nature coming together for the fun games of the races)
The Black Velvet Band (A song about a framed man)
Poor Old Dicey Reilly (A song about a woman with a drinking problem)
[link name=A Nation Once Again][/link] (A song of hope for the Restoration of Ireland)
Kelly, the Boy from Killan (A song about a failed rebellion)
Maids When You're Young Never Wed an Old Man (The name says it all)
Gentleman Soldier (A funny song, about, a, umm, a meeting)
God Save Ireland (A tribute to Ireland and those who fought for it)
Scorn Not His Simplicity (A song for an, unfortunate young boy)
Joe Hill (A tribute to a great man)
The Peat Bog Soldiers (Rebel song)
Molly Maguires (Song about outlaws who are doing what one could easily call right)
Raglan Road (I don't know what to say about this poem)
Hand Me Down My Bible (A song about second chances, pretty religious though)
Free The People (A song about the freedom of the people of Ireland)
The Springhill Disaster (A song about a mine collapsing in on the workers)
The Sun is Burning (I think I know but...)
The Jail Of Cluian Meala (A song about a very young rebel who was captured)
The Town I Loved So Well (A song about the transformation of a man's home town into a much worse place)
Whiskey in the Jar (A song that has an American version and which you may have heard performed by Metalica)
Dirty Old Town (A weird song about a town in Britain.)
Four Green Fields (A song that presents itself as being sung by Eire/Ireland itself)
Spancil Hill (The song I now use at sing songs)
Molly Malone (A song I will always know as the first thing I was ever thought in school)
The Rare Ould Times (A song about a old man looking back at the past of Dublin)
Song For Ireland (A song about the beauty of Ireland, from an American, I think, perspective)
The Fields Of Athenry (A song about a young couple who are split by the young man being deported to Australia)
The Irish Rover (A funny song about the crew of a cargo) (A beautiful song about a patriotic martyr who gets executed just after getting married)
The Ferryman (A wonderful song about love and redundancy.)


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