Hey dude, just thought I'd be signing ur guestbook, keep your brawl crew alive man!!!

This is for all the good times we have had. Hopefully more will come in the future.

what's the BK stand for? burger king? he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he ha ha ha ha okay i signed can u sign mine? u happy i signed, i'm bored where do u live in the states or in asia, i live in meyanmar, do u know where that is?
Thanks for the half banana. Like the apple? Haha. I just added you. Do you like anime? Banjo-Kazooie games were awesome on N64. I used to rent them all the time. Well talk to ya later.
From your good pal! To the best hacker and one of my best Neofriends! May your day be awesome, and your Pokemon game never glitch up from pokesave! BK rocks!!!
what's my friend/homie/bbf thanks for all the hacks you've given me man, you're a good person You are thou very skilled me man!

-Soggy Sandwhich
Woah, dude. I was just reading your profile to see what the name of the pokemon is on your avvy. and I see that you play 40k! Dude thats awsome. Necrons are kool, But I play I.G And Blood Angels SM. We should chat some time. : P

Your a awesome father!

lol, nice new avatar

Hey man hows it going better not quit neo LOL!
Hello iam Jaw7765. I needed to sigh a guess book. You seem cool to me. We can be friends. i have 3 so you could be number 4.PM me ok.
Hey, bk. Just thought I'd sign your Guestbook because not many peole did. See you around the forums.

Hey there, Bk Man!! I see I'm the 1st to sign your G.B. I'm glad you like the Banner I made for you.
Now, you've been Stamped by...

The Skippy Chao^__^!!
Enjoy it, and sign back if you want.
Skippy S.