I am basically a very strange person. Let's start from the beginning...
I was born at the Alexandria Hospital in Redditch. I was the youngest of six, and grew up in a house full of cats and screaming boys and a moody sister, and apparently my favourite saying was;
"I sit on de sofa, wachin' Tom an' Jelly, readin' Peter Rabbid, next to de radiotater, eatin' a 'ogurt." I remember my brothers shoving me away when I wanted to play with them on the playstation. They let Chaney play though, and he's only 16 months older than me, and he had problems speaking.
When I was 1 1/2 years old, they did that test to see if I was deaf or not. I must have inherited some moodiness from my sister, because I wouldn't listen to any of the diddy teaspoon clanging or toy rattling. I just chewed my fingers, bored. Evryone thought I was deaf, but my mum knew I wasn't, and she never went back there. I was always very wilful, and what you would call, a very selective hearer. At the age of 2, I was struggling with simple things like running, because apparently I had something called weak ligaments. Anyway, I had loads of therepy for that, while Chaney had speech therepy to stop him being limited to a vocabulery of "da". When I was three, I was a very sick toddler. I first had whooping cough, closely followed by an awful bout of gasterentoritis, which is basically where you can't keep anything down, you get dehydrated, you can't eat, you chuck up everywhere, even water, and you die. I was only 3 remember! I had to go to hospital for like, 6 months, and I remember having a "drippy friend", which was just a drip on a trolley. When I was a bit better, I was able to play with some toys and take more notice of my parents who came and stayed every day. At the end of my hospital days, I painted a massive picture of Po, which I think I still have somewhere. Oh, have to go to bed now, more later!
OK, now where was I? Oh yeah. I finally got a year of rest at 4. I don't think anything happened to me, amazingly. Ah, but no, as usual, I am wrong. We moved house to Alcester when I was nearly four. I remember choosing my room. I wnt all the way upstairs, across the landing and into a room. It was the second smallest. I sat right down in the middle of the floor and said "My room!" And so it was my room.
I joined the Alcester nursery. At that time, it was in the great hall thing-place in the centre of Alcester. Near the church. I was (surprisingly, as I'm not now) quite popular. I had a best friend, Genevive, and I remember loads of little kids allways wanted to be with us, especially one called Grace. I met my dear friends (well, they are now) Jamie and Simon there as well. I didn't like them then.
I was very naughty at nursery. I remember I used to creep into the lunchroom and change the lunchboxes round so I could sit next to Genevive. And there was a woman who came round to check if we'd eaten our crusts. I never had, so I just used to throw them on the floor.


My favourite board games are thought exchange, frustration and buckaroo, and 4x. Cluedo is OK.
I love animals! I have seven cats, one of which walks on a leash and knows how to sit, and I would really like a dog. I love horses and snakes and a certain cute little squirrel named Peanut, who loves peanuts. I want to be a vet when I'm older. I'm also interested in science, namely the cosmos. My wall are plastered in pics of the universe... it's actually amazing.
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