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Aug 14, 12 6:27pm

I'm a huge punk fan, Steampunk, Technopunk, Genepunk and I love that game developers are starting to dig more into these realms more than ever. From Capcoms new game Remember Me to BioShock Infinite the old are being the new and popular. Like Lydia had in her article: "To be more specific, Remember Me tells the story of Nilin, "an elite memory hunter who is not only incredibly athletic and trained in martial arts, but also has the special ability to break into people’s minds and steal or even change their memories." We can see that the main character will be extremely technopathic and have the upgraded physical stats of a genohuman. In the past steampunk was treated as alternative history but with the game makers these days they are turning the genre into a total future and not a what if past.
There have been those failing games that tried to bring the old new; for example Shadowrun I've played the pen and paper version of this game for years and adore this franchise. It has had it's share of game cross-over and they have all done the title proud, except the last iteration from Microsoft Studios. The idea could have been solid, taking a techopunk title into the FPS mode works. Making it ONLINE ONLY and then not even putting in a story mode to know what the hell is going on is where they failed. I played this game till they finally called it quits and was extremely bitter, can't you tell, about how they treated this fantastic RP saga. (It was so bad that I would play PartyPoker just waiting for a game to get put together there was so few people.)
Now, through break out hit titles and super hero movies the super soldier Genopunk genre is starting to take off in a huge way. Haze tried to do it with Nectar, The Bourne Legacy is doing it with their story line and of course Captain America. The genopunk genre has been around for awhile and been used for everything under the sun but never got the true respect it deserves. The future is bright and shiny for the punk genre and I look forward to seeing the hard work of all the teams in the development field making these stories come to life.

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