Now I see why this game become one of the best RPG all the time. TheElderScrolls4Oblivion PC
Diablo mythology with spectacular graphic. TitanQuest PC
Another awesome RPG with adult theme... TheWitcher PC
Much better than NWN1, including story and graphics. However, it's not simple as NWN1 in gameplay and UI. NeverwinterNights2 PC
RPG Hack n Slash which even better than Diablo LokiHeroesOfMythology PC
Simply one of the best RPG I ever played. FableTheLostChapters PC
Clone of Prince of Qin. SealOfEvil PC
My first DnD RPG. Amazing graphic for that time. NeverwinterNights PC
X-Men RPG, with quite good graphic XMenLegends2RiseOfApocalypse PSP
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