Hi I am a level 13 hunter and am looking to make a fire team with 2 others that have mics so we can chat right now I just fin

hello add my fc on pokemon x and y please 1590-4839-4056

I want a shiny roggenrolla will trade shiny 5-6 iv shiny blastoise for it

Im bored:sleeping: what should I do in this game.:D

Willing to trade an arceus for one of these bad boys 4-5 iv is preferable and not trained

Need these in 5 IV or higher with prefreable nature dont care about clones all my offers are anyway Meowth Sandshrew Ralts

http://i.imgur.com/hr7Rkxe.gif The Avatar Only Challenge is a challenge that can be played out on any Fire Emblem game the c

Many things to offer check my shop do not care if it is rng

I am looking for a shiny bulbasaur with good IVs and perhaps HA but if not its ok FT in my shop look at my corner and pick so

I am looking for a Hidden Abillty 5 IV Bulbasaur to breed with I also need a foreign one for masuda but ill take either I ca

I am looking for a legit darkrai and would be willing to trade any of the following :D TRU Arceus Japanese Jirachi Mew Ma

Not sure what mine is it is either rock or water but i need a ninetales safari to shiny hunt please notify me with your fc if

Well its christmas and i got some money and i have not played LoZ in a long time and was wondering Ocarina of time 3d or a Li

I really need this to give as a christmas gift so i have a shiny ursaring to trade for it please tag me

I googled Ben99runs just cause and then everything i had ever done on neoseeker came up including old avatars signatures and

I hatched my shiny after 450 eggs and cant think of a good name for it alls I have is 1.Koga as people give me good ones

I have lots to giveaway after 450 eggs for shiny froakie sooo yeah i have about 15 boxes and instead of just releasing all of

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