I'm about 16 years of age, i'm a good guy who has been through alot (like everyone else says about them sleves.) I don't smoke or do any drugs at all, i never had and never will. Not even one drop of alchole has ever touched my tounge. You may think i'm lame but, thats your opinion. My father is an alchoholic and tottaly insensitive, he's a convict and he lies to my face. but now he's gone. Unlike him i am very senceitive and i love wrighting poetry, i love art and nature. and yes i cry, i cry alot, i don't cut myself like other loosers do to deal woith their problems. I stood up and fixed my life. I don't stand behind in the shades worshiping death and wishing i was dead and hating life. I helped my life and made something of myself. I have one thing to say to all those losers out there... wake up and grow up you losers. if you don't like life go and die somewhere like you've always wanted, stop telling us life sucks and go end it all ready. Stop ruining life for the rest of us because you feel sorry for yourself then keep it to yourself we don't care. the reason why everyone hates you is becase you suck at life.


love, poetry, compasion,being true to myself, video games, narture, but most of all hang out with my girlfriend.


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