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Jun 21, 11 10:26pm

Wow. I haven't done one of these for ages! In case you haven't noticed (I betcha havent) my username is now 'beccyorange' not 'beccyorange28'.

I really wish that guys knew that we like them more if they admit they are nerds, have inside jokes with jsut you, not every girl and if they have cute dimples!

I was reading through some random website and came across this quote, it kinda describes me.

'Everytime she laughs
she hopes he's watching
not so he can see she happy
but so he can fall for her smile
like she did for his'

I can not WAIT for the new HP movie! I hope it has all the dramatic bits with Dumbledore (even though he died before), Snape and Voldemort *gasps* I said his name!

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Jan 21, 11 8:03am

Ok, as my epic title says, I am a teensy tiny bit ticked off. Here are my reasons

1-Friends of facebook are talking about going to the JB concert, I said he was stupid, they got angry, I laughed, they got angry again

2-I had to babysit my little brother, with my annoying guyfriend over as well,

3-My cat is injured, he has a cut nose, and doesnt wanna do anything

4-School starts soon

5-I've had swimming lessons for the past 2 week,s they are finished now, but my legs really hurt

6-This list

I dont get all the hype of Justin Beiber, so what, hes a guy, with a high voice,that has a fringe, that can sing. I'm in Year 8 this year, and a guy in my class has a deeper voice then him

On the other hand, I have happy stuff

1-Bought new KOA Parodies

2-Avril Lavignes song Alice

3-Alice in Wonderland movie

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Jan 17, 11 2:50am

I was having an orange Tic Tac, while drinking a bottle of water, the Tic tac, fell into the water bottle, and it is now stuck to the bottom. :(

Strawberry jam doughnuts are yummy. they are like Chocolate Eclairs, but with jam and sugar instead of chocolate, My brother had a normal doughnut with sprinkles, and my mum had a pie, causing me to come up with REALLY bad jokes for the whole day, here are a few, and they are NOT all pie related

1. Whats the square root of pie? DELICIOUS.
2. What do pies call a laptop? A pietop.
3. A peanut was walking home, and when he got home he was crying, his peanut wife came up and asked him what happened, what did he say? I got aSALTted.
4.What do the creators of Stonehenge use to keep their doors on the walls? StoneHINGEs.

Pretty bad arent they, yeahh.

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