I just finished Bioshock Infinite and oh my god that plot twist; now for the DLC
Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire 3DS remakes yes yes yes yes yES YES YESSSS
105mm of rain in 12 hours woo
finally got to use a ps4, god I want it so badly
stressed over my English essay just to be told the teachers changed the due date at the last minute ...
never again in my life will I watch a horror movie

Captain Nerditude

I had to turn on my old laptop and find my word document with all my passwords... read more

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added Kingy as a friend
Going down my updates from 2011 is so cringeworthy oh god I was like 14 ew
English essay topics are so stupid like I will never care about how a film challenges my ideas of personal identity
it makes me so upset to see that the forums I was active in when I first came to neo are basically dead :(
added Justin as a friend
lets hope I become active again unlike the last two times I came back to neo
changed her avatar to avatar
hello again neo, oh i have missed you