Never again will I see the impossibility of yesterday. I am where I was - in my home. This whole situation is giving me a big frustration. Such decimation is indeed a segregation of rationalization. What humiliation is this desecration destined to become an alteration of the mind? Bound by this infernal infestation I plunge myself into another consternation. Yet the continuation of the condemnation is like a stagnation of a perforated indignation. And on top of the whole weird collaboration a laceration bested my immolation. Thus creating a wide sense of blighting saturation corresponding with the designated sensation know as the dark nation.

Aah the sadness of my voice withers my morale. My wariness is asunder. Though not diminished I ply to the soil that provides a mural of balance. A scion or perhaps a vessel? One will know. But as secrets are revealed at times they also tend to touch oblivion. Such is the fate of the unknown or forbidden. Name it as you please, but stay sentinel. Do not long for a vanquisher. The redeemer shall embark on his quest when the time is correct.

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  1. Alone in the Dark - PS2 (in english)
  2. Alone in the Dark - PS2 (in polish)

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  1. Alone in the Dark (PS2 - in english and polish)
  2. Tenchu Stealth Assassins (PSX)

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