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About Myself- Not much to say. If you're reading this you most likely know me- the awkward, stupid, funny bbiel. Who not only made himself the lead detective in the Slim "WWE Spy" case, but believes there's a conspiracy against him regarding the TNE/TNW World Title. I mean really, how does my internet stop working for the 2 days before and the day of the PPV, but works right after that? Add that to title losses to re-drafts and unification match. But anyway.. yeah that's basically it. Go Mets.... and the Cowboys.

My Favorite Words(Weird- but screw you!)- Sick, sweet, nice, awesome, seriously?, dude, kickass, dumbass, OH YEAH!!!(Kool-Aid Dude), and finally... cardbord.

RP'ing Accomplishments

  • 4x TNE/TNW World Champion
  • TWE Tag-Team Champion
  • 2x TNE/TNW X-Division Champion
  • 1x TNE Hardcore Champion
  • 1x TNE Light-Heavyweight Champion
  • 1x Co-TNW Womens Champion
  • 2x WWE Game 2 Tag Team Champion
  • 1x WWE Game 2 Cruiserweight Champion
  • Former owner of WWA

  • Non-rp'ing accomplishments- Uhh... I was the first inductee to Dman's Dumbass Wall Of Fame.

    Evidence towards slim regarding the "WWE Spy" Case

  • In TNE, Christy Hemme is called "Crusty".... weeks later, WWE uses the same name
  • Trish and Carlito were together in TNE, on RAW last week... Trish and Carlito had a little "moment"
  • RVD wins World title in TNE, RVD wins World Title in WWE
  • Masked Kane is in TNW, Masked Kane is in a storyline on RAW
  • My banners used to sometimes say "The Future is Now", John Cena's music... "My Time is Now"
  • In TNE, Edge's manager was Christy. In WWE, they had like a 10 minute segment with Edge and Christy in the ring.
  • In TNE, Edge dumped Christy and Christy was gone for a while. Weeks after that happened, Christy was fired in WWE.
  • Heat between Super Crazy and Psicosis happened in his WWE diary, now the WWE is doing it.
  • Slim was planning on bringing back ECW in his diary before WWE announced they were bringing it back.
  • Slim announced an EC match for the January 2005 pay-per-view in TNE, then WWE announced they were doing the same.
  • Slim had Shortstack(Little Bastard) hump Eric Bischoff's leg in TNW, like a week after that... Little Bastard humped Regal's leg in WWE.
  • Slim debuts Jeff Hardy on his RAW show in his diary, a week or so later... WWE resigns Jeff Hardy.
  • In Slim's TEW diary along with Shape, they had a Lumber Jack and Jill match, at WrestleMania 23 in real life, there was a Lumberjill match
  • The fact that Slim admitted he's Vince McMahon

  • Slimtastic™ says:i am Vince McMahon

    Oh yeah, and if anyone would be nice enough to show me how to add background colors, tables, scroll bars, counters, etc. Well... it'd kickass!

    Mr. 182's Reasons for the Previosly Unexplained

  • Why Do Chicks Have So Many Shoes? In case they lose a pair, they have many other pairs to use
  • Why do Ducks say "Quack"? They're not saying "quack", ducks are actually crackheads, and, due to crack usage, their ability to speak has declined, so, whenever they try to ask another duck/person for crack, it comes out as "Quack?"

  • Bri swallows?....

    Neofriends-In no particular order, well, Slim demanded to be at the top- I most likely forgot a few.

    Slim Jim


    The Hazard


    whos next/Grievous


    the crow





    Notables Im Just too Lazy To Go Find Their Avatars:

    -Tazz's last account,therealzwarrior-

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