ultimateyoshi1up bbb7002004
May 29, 12 5:10am
im trying guestbook ya now for kicks
Order66 bbb7002004
Aug 18, 08 2:32am
Hey man i've noticed you around alot of forums i go to and wanted to let you know that i pretty much agree with all your posts i see, your taste in games, and your enthusiasm for wii games built from the ground up. So i'll see you around the forums
KirbyHyrule bbb7002004
Jul 23, 08 2:42am
Hey, I've seen you around quite a bit, your an alright guy see you around on the General Wii foruma dn The Conduit forum. LOL Nice name btw.
Kinetic bbb7002004
Sep 20, 07 12:03am
Wo0t! I'm on a signing spree.

You are a great member. Nice work in the SSBB forum!

Neo Jte bbb7002004
Jul 3, 07 1:34am
Hey bbb you are a great neo friend, ehh.. and third. Hey can you help me with banners.

Yea, Zack and Wiki does sound like a weird name but looks cool.
zeldagirl bbb7002004
May 13, 06 8:45am
i hope this game comes out soon, i know it would be good, the other games are,im not to good with words but i think everybody is kool like me, i'm joking, but i do like being friends i dont have alot of friends i guess i miss my home in nc, but maybe i'll find friends here in wv, i lied i do have friends my pets and my crazy husband, and my games dont that count,and i luv music all kind of songs,mostly rap,rock,and sos,,i love basket ball, and i love clowns the dog i like best is boxer they are crazy i wonder why dont they make a game for them you know dog games that would be kool,i guess they wont but its a thought, or maybe a hamster game that would be crazy, im getting over my head sorry im crazy, would you sign my guest book thanks zelda girl
jimcripple bbb7002004
Apr 24, 06 7:58pm
Hello! Let's talk sometime! And, thanks again for the help in Zelda Wind Waker!!!

like my sigs? Both by YoshiStar!
triforceofwisdom bbb7002004
Mar 19, 06 11:27pm
I've seen you around quite a bit. Here's to seeing you more, hmm?

Chaos Seraph bbb7002004
Mar 8, 06 11:11pm
VERY nice stamp. xD

I especially like the way you spelt hte on the latter part. ;p

Kawaii!!! ^-^
p8ntballmaster256 bbb7002004
Mar 1, 06 6:40am
from the TP forums

well, this is a filler for the charcter limit.... sign back plz
RedMynx bbb7002004
Feb 15, 06 8:55pm
Hey, bbb! You're obviously a smart person with plenty to share - whether people want to read it, or not. I respect that.

You're a decent member in my books. Be cool and I'll see you on the other side.
Chaos Seraph bbb7002004
Feb 14, 06 3:37am
You visit my favourite forum, so prepare for stamping. ;]
Have fun.

Dio bbb7002004
Jan 31, 06 11:26pm
Hey thanks for welcoming me to the Zelda Twilight Princess forum. I might be new to this forum, but im defitnetly not new to Zelda Games Well anyway i hope we have some good conversations in the future.
dimaster bbb7002004
Jan 25, 06 9:18pm
I seen you around the Zelda forum and you seem pretty cool so decided to sign your guestbook, here you go :

kizwiz bbb7002004
Jan 22, 06 12:02pm
You've been around the Zelda thorums and I love Zelda especially the new one Twilight Princess but it got delayed abd you been hanging around the forum recently so I wanna sign ya guestbook keep going!!!
Crystal Crusher bbb7002004
Dec 18, 05 3:51pm
Hey bbb7002004, Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Chaos Seraph bbb7002004
Dec 10, 05 1:41am

Merry Christmas bbb!
Happy Holidays! ^^

Botan bbb7002004
Oct 18, 05 8:44pm
I've been wondering for a while why the check that user name was chosen... xD

Anyway, you needed more GB signings... xD

Sorries no stamps ;-;

Linkrules5 bbb7002004
Apr 21, 05 10:47pm
Hey I've seen you around the legend of zelda forum a lot so I thought I would sign your guest book. Sign back if you like.

AznAnarchist bbb7002004
Oct 2, 04 10:24pm

I'd like to be the first to officially welcome you to the Metroid Prime 2 forum. You got some good ideas, kid (kid? What am I saying, I'm only 15!), keep em comin!