I do hope they have a big card left for E3 now that Zelda won't be there. A Retro Metroid would... read more

A Zelda game, getting delayed? That's never happened before.

A shame the game won't be out this... read more

I'm on cable. My crappy router is to blame, I think. Too many devices grabbing signal from it,... read more

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Wifi dropping every 30 mins makes mh4 not so fun

Also of note was Iwata's confirmation of the codename for the next Nintendo hardware "NX", due to... read more

likes Eiche's status update: "Rumors of a new Nintendo Direct? Give me a trailer for Mewtwo in Smash, please. Throw in a surprise announcement for a DLC character too."

I was really surprised by this show, I expected it to be more of the same modern Cartoon Network... read more

likes bluexy's status update: "Are you watching Steven Universe? You should be watching Steven Universe."
Code Name STEAM Get!

I really don't get SEGA, at all. Why hire Game Freak to develop a game and not put it on 3DS,... read more

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I've never heard of RPGsite before, is this something I should know about? And have any other... read more

Been keeping an eye out for this one ever since it was announced for the Wii. I'll have to see a... read more

likes Insanity Prevails' status update: "Got my HA Unova starters, Game Darkrai and HA Tyrunt, with HA Johto starters on the way. This is the level of pokémon distribution I like."
likes Gotenks' status update: "So...Code Geass was amazing. I need to figure out where it stands in my top ten anime."