likes Kinetic's status update: "Wow, such hype:"

Wish they'd left them named Dolls. Probably sill call mind that. read more

Well, that was quick. Treehouse is still going though.

Bad sign that Treehouse is still playing... read more

I'd be surprised if they stick this in the holiday period, even if it's looking to be the best Wii... read more

So tired of updating computers...

Should open the console up to a lot of developers, which can only be a good thing. read more

likes bluexy's status update: "Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. I have so many amazing Neoseeker friends. I'm happy to spend my birthday here. <3"

Been looking forward to this since it was first announced. Not sure why it took so long to make its way over though. read more

Gamestop's website is down thanks to Wave 4 Amiibo. Wow.

I do hope they have a big card left for E3 now that Zelda won't be there. A Retro Metroid would... read more

A Zelda game, getting delayed? That's never happened before.

A shame the game won't be out this... read more

I'm on cable. My crappy router is to blame, I think. Too many devices grabbing signal from it,... read more

likes Ciel Phantomhive's status update: "Spam should be eaten, not posted."
Wifi dropping every 30 mins makes mh4 not so fun