quote canderson
They're really screwing over the original 3DS owners if they start developing...
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I imagine they've got a bit more tech in them than your average skylander since they are designed... read more

likes Thrawn's status update: "Get your Mario Kart 8 DLC bundle now, and receive eight Yoshi and Shy Guy colors right off the bat!"

quote Random hero jr
I'm not sure how people can assume this leak confirms anything. I've noticed...
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Between the Smash 3DS Leaks and MK8 DLC, I'm in Nintendo overload!

Oh wow, I was expecting to pay $15 for each one, but I'll gladly take $12 for both. Well done Nintendo. read more

Lucario is definitely megaevolved at the end of the trailer...

I'd be surprised if this doesn't... read more

So, does F-Zero DLC make a new FZero more or less likely? I also may be switching off my main man... read more

quote Ciel Phantomhive
Pokémon + Tekken = Pokkén

Can't unsee it. I think I'll try this just once....
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Eiche, the President of Pokemon Company said something along the lines of "It's coming to arcades... read more

It's Pokken Tournament, an arcade game developed in partnership with Bandai Namco.

Also, called it. Sort of. read more

Judging quality on an image compressed on the web, taken from a smartphone in a dark room from a... read more

quote Rainbow Dash AX
Well, I love to play as Bowser Jr. (though I hate Duck Hunt Dog) so I will...
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Interesting. I'm sure Amazon was eager to get their foot into the online video business with how... read more

quote Rainbow Dash AX
All the leak videos have been removed apparently. Does anyone know what...
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quote Thrawn
Dr. Mario and Dark Pit are just ridiculous as their own characters since they easily...
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Not sure what else they really can say at this point, other than "Our lawyers will be having a... read more