Ready for Smash Direct!
Shiny Charm get! Just need 5 Event Legendaries...
Oval Charm get! Now to start my living Dex!
Beat Apollo Justice! What to play next...
Broke down and bought PokemonX, Pokebank now guaranteed for this week!
Finally beat luigi's mansion dark moon#! It was OK.
Just realized Disney has all of Gargoyles on Youtube. Know what I'm doing this weekend.
Rewatched the Last Airbender Movie to see if it was as bad as I remember. It was worse.
So my Friend Safari is Swana, Rufflet, and Pidgey. Who would want a Pidgey!?!
Elite 4 Champion, Hero of Kalos!
Can it be Saturday yet?
How do you hide from Pokemon spoilers?
Happy Birthday, Power Rangers!
So, 2DS, why No Nintendo Direct?
Wonderful 101 Demo coming today, can't wait to play
Got my Pokemon X/Y preorder poster, to hang or not to hang?
Alright, beat Skyward Sword again. What next?
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