Oct 20, 16 11:18am
Really hyped to "make the Switch"! Man, I hope Nintendo uses that in their marketing.
bbb7002004 shared a forum thread
Oct 19, 16 8:46pm
It's finally time! NX

Nintendo of America has tweeted out that they will premiere a "Preview Trailer" for the long awaited new Nintendo c

Oct 12, 16 7:59pm
After 20 years, I finally caught 'em all. Living Dex complete! (For a month or so...)
Oct 3, 16 8:02pm
720 down, 1 to go. LivingDex
Sep 13, 16 11:02am
I bought some Ectocooler, so tasty!
bbb7002004 shared a forum thread
Aug 24, 16 2:54pm
Need opinions from Genesis/Mega Drive RPG fans!

Hi all, looking for a bit of advise. I have just enough money on my old Wii's VC account to get one 16 bit era game, and

Aug 22, 16 9:02pm
Arceus Get! 719 down, two to go. Anyone got an extra Hoopa they don't want?
Jul 8, 16 11:09am
One Week until MonsterHunterGenerations
Jul 6, 16 2:12pm
That feeling when you get a water out of the vending machine instead of an Orange Crush... BETRAYAL!
Jun 30, 16 8:31pm
Hunter X Hunter going on hiatus, again. :(
Jun 30, 16 9:29am
Just ordered Young Justice on BluRay!
Jun 20, 16 4:18pm
I have an extra MHG demo code, PM me if you want it.
Jun 15, 16 4:57pm
*Refreshes Email Repeatedly* MonsterhunterGenerations
May 17, 16 4:54pm
Just ordered seasons 2 and 3 of TMNT 2012!
Apr 12, 16 6:51pm
Thinking about starting a new file in MH4U, just for fun
Apr 11, 16 3:41pm
Beat TP this weekend. Still my least fav. 3D Zelda, unfortunately
Apr 5, 16 3:05pm
Buying all 7 Star Wars on Blu Ray today!
Apr 1, 16 3:19pm
Merry Christmas everyone!
Mar 25, 16 3:42pm
Mira Survey 100%, finally! XenobladeChroniclesX
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