Sep 24, 15 12:54pm
Why is the new Muppets show so bad?
Sep 18, 15 1:22pm
Star Fox delay makes me feel.. kinda meh actually.
Sep 17, 15 11:16am
Ace Attorney Anime Hype!
Sep 13, 15 5:33pm
Splatoon Amiibo Get!
Sep 10, 15 2:08pm
Let's make a Mario!
Sep 09, 15 9:06am
Getting a cold over a long weekend = lame.
Aug 25, 15 9:26pm
1 hour of ranked = 1 point gained. Yup, getting that S is gonna take a while.
Aug 22, 15 7:18pm
After falling to B+, I squided up and made it to A! Splatoon
Aug 15, 15 9:09pm
Win 10 upgrade done after some drama, and got to A- in Splatoon finally!
Aug 13, 15 4:45pm
Ordered a Mystery Nintendo Bundle from Crunchyroll, Wonder what I'll get?
Aug 07, 15 10:06pm
Got to within one match of A- twice, disconnect, then loosing streak. B+ 32 now. :(
Aug 07, 15 4:51pm
Debating on upgrading my Win 7 machine to Win 10 this weekend...
bbb7002004 shared a forum thread
Aug 03, 15 10:23am

The new patch coming this Wednesday/Thursday will include a private match making mode for friends, so I was wondering if we c

Jul 28, 15 2:34pm
How do we already know a (possible) NX game? Wah?
Jul 10, 15 11:39am
That feeling, when you DC during a ranked Splatoon match...
Jul 07, 15 8:54pm
Bad day? Just remember part of you was once a dinosaur. Good day? Remember part of you was once dinosaur poop.
bbb7002004 shared a forum thread
Jul 06, 15 10:57am
Play Splatoon? Come complain with us!

Every online game has them. The things that people do that are annoying, stupid, or just plain bad. What are some of the th

Jun 30, 15 10:01am
Goodbye Club Nintendo, you were a thing!
Jun 23, 15 12:13pm
If we're all for one world there's a world for us all.
Jun 17, 15 10:51pm
Got my Wii U back! Splatoon is a ton of fun!
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