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It's that time of the year again, time to look back on everything 2014 had to offer and decide which was the best of the

Diancie Get! 7 more for my complete living 'dex!
Smash and Korra, too much awesome, can't control it! supersmashbros3ds LegendofKorra

_Welcome to General 3DS' newest feature thread, the Friday Five! Each week a new topic will be posted for everyone to li

So tired of the negativity

125 years ago today, Nintendo opened its doors as a hanfuda card maker. Here's to another 125!...

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Demo code is gone!
I have one more Smash Demo code, PM me if you need one!
Why Nintendo of America, why do you tease me so? Coming to NA on Oct. 10. So frustrated now. That's an awesome design and I would...

Layton Vs. Ace Attorney was an amazing ride, might be my fav. 3DS game now.

Avatar: The Last Mafia-Bender_ A Mafia Game by bbb7002004 _Active Players_ 1. @MorteRules 2. @Justin 7. @Prodi

Anyone want to play in my Avatar TLA Mafia game?
New Nintendo Direct (for Japan...) NA:

Between the Smash 3DS Leaks and MK8 DLC, I'm in Nintendo overload!
Interested in Avatar: TLA, or enjoy a good forum game? Check out Avatar Mafia in the IRP forum!
Kinda disappointed in the Smash 3DS XL. Hope pokemonomegaruby get's a good one.
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