Jeg battousai
Jun 29, 07 6:07am
Wazzzuppp~ Yeah...I'm bored. -_-


"The field "Guestbook Entry" does not meet the minimum length of 125 characters"
That's bullshit.
Larn battousai
Apr 25, 04 9:58am
Thanks for visiting my thread so much, hope to see you later on the art-forum.


Life's a fight, let's keep on battling!
Eagle Eye battousai
Apr 19, 04 8:29am
Hi Mate, I've seen you all over the place, how are you?
Well sorry about this but I gtg.
P.S Could you sign My guestbook?
Thx, EE.

Auria battousai
Apr 13, 04 8:28am

Hey battousai, I hope you have a Happy Easter, and get lots of chockies. This dog is soo cute aye ^^. He's got lots of chockies .

Adelaidedk battousai
Dec 31, 03 5:00pm
I hope you'll have a Happy New Year and may it be a meaningful one. See ya in 2004!

Hugs from Carina aka Adelaidedk
Gunlock battousai
Dec 26, 03 9:03pm
Hi, Batt. Just thought I'd sign yer guestbook to show my appreciation for your support in my mechanized experiments. I'm glad to see SOME people can recognize true genius when they see it. (kidding)

P.S.- Hope my stamp doesn't slow your page down.
Stans new slave battousai
Dec 23, 03 7:12pm
yeah... What's up? Later.
Vbc battousai
Dec 23, 03 5:17am
^^ Just want to wish you a Happy Holidays and be safe!

Double Dude battousai
Dec 16, 03 5:53am
You stamped my gb a year ago. I owe you. PM me sometime, K? Well, 'til then I'm still
or as you remember me...
Unspoken battousai
Sep 25, 03 8:58pm
Sign my guestbook sometime!

|.______.| |||||||||||||||||||| |.______.|
|.::::::.| |||||||||||||||||||| |.::::::.|
|.::::::.| Stupid Length Thingy |.::::::.|
|.::::::.| |||||||||||||||||||| |.::::::.|
|.______.| |||||||||||||||||||| |.______.|

Little Miss Magic battousai
Jun 03, 03 3:23pm
Hey I was just passing through so I thought I'd sign here. I saw your stamp in someone else's guestbook, it's dead cute! Maybe you'll honour my book with it sometime Hope everything's good & I'll see you around

Jeg battousai
May 15, 03 12:02am

James Garcia |Flip|
Lehvak80 battousai
Apr 20, 03 4:56pm
Thanks for signin' my guestbook! just returning the favor

nagoshi battousai
Apr 16, 03 3:53pm
Hey battousai! You signed my guestbook, so I'm signin' yours! Anyway, that was an awesome stamp, I love it! Well, see ya!

Sonic19902 battousai
Apr 05, 03 8:34pm
Hiya! I just realized I haven't signed your guestbook yet so...I am! Thanks for signing mine too, I hope to see you around the forums!

From a guy named,
Alias353 battousai
Feb 09, 03 8:39am

Its not much but its still cool. Hope you like it! CYA!
Alias353 battousai
Feb 08, 03 2:59am
Sup Battousai, thanks for signing my guestbook! Your stamp is great! Now i should make one. Great opinions keep expressing them! Hope to see your round the RE forums more often. CYA!
Dutch Samurai battousai
Feb 05, 03 4:47am
Hey thanks for signing my guestbook batt. I thought I should return the favor. Well I have to fill up some space to get past the 125 character minimum. Arrrrgh! Well that should do it.
MarioMaster02 battousai
Feb 03, 03 7:04pm
Hey thanks for signing my guest book, I have never really payed attention to my guet book until now, so I saw your name in there and decided to sign yours, oh and Kurt9000 sucks!!!!
Goldensun01 battousai
Jan 26, 03 9:03pm
You are a good artist and i think your work os real cool i hope to see you in the GS forum and art contests.

Thanks for signing mine, here is my latest creation.

Auria battousai
Jan 20, 03 1:15pm
Hey thanx for signing my guestbook it's sweet of you !!! I can't believe you did that stamp, it's sooooooo good !!!! You have so much talent !!!


Double Dude battousai
Jan 18, 03 6:52am
Thanx, I really didn't wanna get kicked out already. Could you post a reply on the EVERY CHEAT YOU KNOW thread in Sonic Mega Collection? Thanx a bunch.
DeadDuck144 battousai
Dec 30, 02 11:47pm
I don't really know you well but I've seen you around the forums

-Hope to know you better, DeadDuck
Jessie21 battousai
Nov 26, 02 1:21am
my 2nd stamp:

Jessie21 battousai
Nov 26, 02 12:56am
I made a stamp!
:HEREs my first stamp.