O.k. I guess I wil start of with some of my Neo History.

Portal History

I was formerly on the Kingdom Hearts and Metroid Portals.

I am currently working on the Pokemon Portal.

News Articles

Final Fantasy Portal

Jump Festa - Written on 9/12/05

Megaman Portal

English PSP Titles- Written on 21/09/05

Maverick Hunter X moved back- Written on 07/01/06

Metroid Portal

Retro Studio Interview- Written on 07/08/05

Metroid Prime Hunters Online!- Written on 26/08/05

Metroid Prime Pinball to come with DS Rumble Pak- Written on 26/08/05

Free Online Confirmed-Written on 06/10/05

Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector On Sale Now!- Written on 06/11/05

Metroid Prime 3 Details- Written on 09/12/05

Animal Crossing Portal

Free Online Confirmed- Written on 06/10/05

Kingdom Hearts Portal

Ultima Hits Announced- Written on 07/07/05

Hikaru Utada returns for the Sequel- Written on 01/08/05

Square Enix Party 2005- Written on 01/08/05

Square-Enix CEO Comments on Release date!- Written on 07/08/05

Tokyo Game Show reveals little- Written on 21/09/05

North American Release- Written on 05/10/05

I have 9 more articles on Kingdom Hearts.neo that I will try to put up A.S.A.P.