I fear the live stream will be unavailable to many like the IGN live stream yesterday
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Ah yes, batsman is waiting aswell, but when batsman will get it it will be much a much improved... read more

here’s to my Sweet Satan. The one who’s little path Would make me sad, Who's power is satan. He’ll give you 666
There was a little toolshed where he made us suffer, sad Satan.

But is that nit identical to how the mafia smashes your stuff for not paying them? The maffia just... read more

Yes 60 dollar has been confirmed, but for danny and me it will be more like 80/90 dollar, if danny... read more

Well halo 2 is the only one i didnt really play online, i didnt have xbox live back then at least read more

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Ah the true skill system right? Im pretty sure theyll leave it the way it was before
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Welcome back

Looking forward to play some matches sometime if youre in the mood, and can... read more

what are the most underrated games on xbox360?

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Has to be a sequel not a prequel.No first contact war stuff.
Hudson says they're...
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