likes MetallicaDragon's status update: "I guess a bit of life update for those that care. - I have a car now - I have a cat - Me and batsman are still together"

theu really did a good job with the choice and consequence system here
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quote Tommy Vercetti
Jesus, what are they doing to you, Conker?

I hope this releasing means they'll...
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But beta testers already played the game, i was never allowed to play the beta
And now again they... read more

Oh *bleep* yeah!
Who would be pissed off about more content for this masterpiece?
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Are you going to scarborough fair?

quote AkaiEdge
I'm getting the thought that there will be two playable characters (Master Chief and...
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I fear the live stream will be unavailable to many like the IGN live stream yesterday
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started a discussion titled "region lock" in General Nintendo 3DS

Ah yes, batsman is waiting aswell, but when batsman will get it it will be much a much improved... read more

here’s to my Sweet Satan. The one who’s little path Would make me sad, Who's power is satan. He’ll give you 666
There was a little toolshed where he made us suffer, sad Satan.

But is that nit identical to how the mafia smashes your stuff for not paying them? The maffia just... read more

Yes 60 dollar has been confirmed, but for danny and me it will be more like 80/90 dollar, if danny... read more

Well halo 2 is the only one i didnt really play online, i didnt have xbox live back then at least read more