Sep 4, 13 10:46pm
I'ma be what I set out to be, without a doubt, undoubtably.
Sep 3, 13 8:04pm
Tons of homework today. Sophomore year is killer.
Sep 1, 13 7:03pm
Looking back on old posts, I realize just how much I've grown the past 3 years.
Sep 1, 13 4:37pm
I love The Summer Set way more than I should.
Jan 5, 13 11:17pm
My iPod went through the washing machine. Life hates me.
Jan 29, 12 5:13am
Jun 5, 11 10:53pm
SAYONARA!!! Luv u peoples!
Jun 3, 11 3:33pm
baibai216 blogged
Jun 3, 11 3:22pm

Well, this is kinda sad.... This is my final blog as baibai216. I would just like to say that I am forever grateful to alot of people on neo.
Vermillion: for helping me out in the AC forums when I first joined
Endless Ages& Divinorse: for being great people and making the paranormal forum great
Black Pikmin123: for being hysterical and making great conversation
1phil68: for being a true friend and being the best virtual hugger ever XD
awalker12: for comforting me when life had brought me down
angel of blood: for being someone I can relate to
Skittles: for being understanding when I announced my departure
xxRainbowxx: for saying I look like Avril Lavigne. That really was a huge compliment to me! 8)
Alexansar: for being the only nice model I've ever spoken to
PinkSugarGirl: for being my short shorts buddy
Dramon Knight / Animations: for being my Pentago buddy 8D
Thanks so much to all of my other neofriends as well for making every moment on here a great one!

My new username is DracoM4dawin.
Thanks so much!

musingsthoughts neoseeker related
Jun 2, 11 9:49pm
My last day on neo as baibai216 is June 9, 2011. Read my blog post Farewell, Neo for info.
baibai216 blogged
Jun 2, 11 9:47pm

Alright.... sooo, i'm leaving neo in a week. just thought I'd give my besties some notice. It's probably not for eternity. When I do come back it will be with a different account, and I will pm all my homies on here so they can friend me. I am stubborn so don't waste your time trying to convince me to stay. I have my reasons, so please respect that. If you are curious as to why I'm leaving, just comment and ask. I will pm you and tell you why. I might login a couple times after I leave, but only so I don't leave my friends' pms unanswered.

other musingsthoughts neoseeker related
baibai216 blogged
Jun 2, 11 9:32pm

Ok. Well, these are the two albums by Miranda Cosgrove. Miranda is an 18 yr old who got her start playing the role of Megan in the hit teen show Drake & Josh. After the show's finale, she got her own show where she played the role of Carly Shay in the hit show iCarly. In 2010, she was the voice of one of the little girls in Despicable Me. During the summer of 2010, her music career jumped off thanks to her hit single Kissin' U. This song was featured in her debut album Sparks Fly. The album got its name from the first two words of the album. There were 8 songs on this CD: 1. Kissin' U
2. BAM
3. Disgusting
4. Shakespeare
5. Hey You
6. There Will Be Tears
7. Oh Oh
8. Daydream
These songs were catchy dance tunes (except for hey you which is the slow tune), but not exactly radio material. Not to mention, a little immature sounding considering her age. Then, her new album High Maintenence came out. This CD featured 5 new songs. I plopped it into my CD player expecting the immature dance music from the first album and got it from Dancing Crazy, the first track. The songs were:
1. Dancing Crazy
2. High Maintenence
3. Face of Love
4. Kiss You Up
5. Sayonara
After track 1, it got way better. A new Miranda shined like a star. The songs were of better musical quality and she no longer sounded like a 12 year old. This new Miranda also caused some major controversy with her new set of songs. Fans claim they were a little too mature for someone who's the star of a kid's tv show. In High Maintenence, she said a cuss word. Which wasn't a big deal people! In the USA, once you are age 13+, you have the legal right to cuss! (I wish I was kidding, but I'm not.) However, I can see their stand point with Sayonara because it is seemingly about..... welllll, sex. Here's part of the song that just sounds like it: " What I need, what I need, is a rocket to ride!" So, which is better?

music musingsthoughts
Jun 2, 11 9:09pm
I am so bored that I am seriously drawing music staffs and filling in scales for me to memorize.
Jun 2, 11 8:28pm
Thx neo for somewhat entertaining me. I've gotta catch up on my bible study, so adieu!
baibai216 blogged
Jun 2, 11 8:21pm

"Sayonara" by Miranda Cosgrove

Like a ninja out of the dark, I'll steal your heart. I'll steal your heart. Maybe give ya more than I should, make ya feel good. Make ya feel good.

Like a tiger burnin' through the night, you are the fire. I got you in my sight. Feel the music right through my plan. Can't fight my lo-uhuh-uhuhve.

*What I need, what I need, is a rocket to ride. To the beat, to the beat, we'll be movin' all night. So baby just keep it rockin, keep it rockin, keep it rockin. Better like what I see or it's sayonara!*

Under pressure, I watch you perform. Turning me on, chasing a storm. I'm falling into your sound. Don't let me down! Don't let me down!

Like a tiger burning through the night, you are the fire. I got you in my sight. Feel the music right through my plan. Can't fight my lo- uhuh-uhuhve.


Sayonara, sayonara, sayonara, yeahhh. Sayonara, sayonara d-d-d-don't make me say (2x)

Naughty, hands all over my body. Work me out like karate. Tell me boy, can we kick it now? Can you hold me down? (2x)


Sayonara, sayonara, (d-d-d-don't make me say)(2x)

Like a ninja out of the dark, I'll steal your heart. I'll steal your heart.

All credit to everyone who played a part in creating this kickin' song!

Jun 2, 11 7:56pm
Wow..... Less than a week into summer vacation, and I'm ready to go back to school.
baibai216 blogged
Jun 2, 11 7:47pm

"Beggin' on Your Knees"- Victorious cast ft. Victoria Justice

You had it all the day you told me, told me ya want me. I had it all but let you fool me, fool me completely. And I was so stupid to give you all my attention 'cause the way that you played me exposed your true intention!

*Cause one day, I'll have you beggin' on your knees for me! Yeah one day, I'll have you crawlin' like a centipede! You mess with me and mess with her, so I'll make sure you get what you deserve! Yeah, one day you'll beggin' on your knees for me!*

So watch your back 'cause you don't know when or where I will get you! I've set the trap, and when I'm done you will know what I've been through! So oh mister player, do you feel like the man now? I bet you're nervous 'cause this song makes you freak out!


I know I'm being bitter, but Imma drag you under 'cause you just don't, don't deserve happy ever after! And what you did to me after you told me you never felt that way! It was only just a game!!

(you had it all)

ONE DAY!!!! *chorus*

All credit goes to everyone who played a part in creating this song!
Well, this took forever to write cuz I am on my DSi. I finally figured out how to get to the page that lets you make a blog post on your DSi......

Jun 2, 11 7:15pm
I crashed ur new Ferrari, baby fix the dents! Does that make me high maintenence? No oh oooo, I don't think so!
Jun 2, 11 4:55pm
So, oh mr. player do u feel like the man now? I bet ur so nervous cuz this song makes u freak out! <3
Jun 2, 11 1:46pm
Memorized the lyrics to Beggin on Your Knees by the Victorious Cast!!!!
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