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Foliaged Muffin: dude spore wisper wisper siwper hahahahahahaha "mexican family in background" el habla no burrito enchalada guadalupe rodrigez!!! hahahaha spore
Foliaged Muffin: im being diabeto

Me: Get your southern butt in here young man.
Chaosfire: He isn't southern, hes gay, there is a difference.

Online Board Game:Yes. You just got revived through anal shocks.

/) /)
(- _-)
(0)---l <--- Bunny smoking a joint
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Chaosfire/Savatar99: My best friends ever. I only met him a few months ago, but we talk all the time and I really am glad I did meet him. Even though he lives far away, I am going to meet him this summer, and it is going to be the best thing ever. He is my main homie and I would probably instantly explode if anything were ever to happen to him. He is the wielder of the ferocious warrior hat that is imbued with immence power.

baragon600: The person who brought me to the internet. I was looking for a minecraft server to play on, and one day on the bus ride home from school he told me I could play on the one he plays on. Ever since then I have been an avid internet-ian, and wouldn't have it any other way. He is also my lane buddy, and when laning without him, I can not play to my full potential.


Were you even in the war?
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