Hey Guys Azurice here(Shaun) not really much to say in here if im honest, ill add more noteworthy stuff when I have the time.
Im a huge games fan, Final Fantasy and Zelda are probably my most favoured game series not to brag but id say im quite knowledged about them aswell so if theres ever any help you need just drop me a NeoPM ill be glad to help.

25 yay! i got it!
50 yay! i got it!
100 yay! i got it!
150 yay! i got it!
200 yay! i got it!
300 yay! i got it!
400 yay! i got it!
500 yay! i got it!
600 yay! i got it!
700 yay! i got it!
800 yay! i got it!
900 yay! i got it!
1000 Yay! i got it!
1200 a bit far away
1500 kinda far off it
1750 far off it
2000 almost miles away
2500 miles away
3000 miles off
5000 yh sure
10000 WHATEVER!!!
15000 i want this! :p
20000 I WISH!!!!!!


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