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Apr 18, 10 7:37am

"Jealousy is Amor's sister, just like Lucifer is a brother of the Angels." -Boufflers

"To love is almost to believe." -Hugo

"As long as people have friends to share their sadness, it becomes easier to bear." -Shakespeare

"Wherever there is one of us, the other is present." -Hemingway

"Sometimes it's better to be wrong about your motives than to listen to the truth." -La Rochefoucauld

"When two people cry together for the first time, they understand how much they love each other." -Emile Deschamps

"The greatest joy Love can give you is to take your lover's hand for the first time." -Stendhal

"Love is a sacred madness." -Renaissance Proverb

"The moment when one begins to love another is when life really starts." -Scuderi

"Since she wanted me, I ask myself up to what point I became more respectable." -Goethe

"If somebody asks why I loved the way I did I'll answer that both of us were authentic. That is my only answer." -Montaigne

"To be in a relationship isn't the only way to be in love. One sided love is, in its own way, a complete love." -Segawa [Tada kimi wo aishiteru]

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Mar 27, 10 8:36pm

Yesterday was my best friend's birthday. And our club iniciation. And the best/worst/halfway-around night. We ate brownies, cake, pizza, and laughter. It was very ultra fun. Until I woke up this morning and remembered I have my room to clean [because it is awfully messy], 3 projects due Monday, a poster to be finished, and some artistic fun to mix in. And, of course, some piano to practice. >.> NYEH~ Sunny days suck when it is an etcetera-type of day.

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Mar 27, 10 8:26pm
Empty words never fill the space.
Jan 24, 10 6:51am
Last seen 7 minutes ago looking in the mirror.
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Jan 24, 10 6:46am should I write a blog post Neoseeker-style...

Since I don't really know then how about some thoughts for all you dust bunnies who care to just stand there unmoved by untrivial stuff like this :)

So I have Final Fantasy X and I was enjoying it...until it got stuck on one part. Then I noticed it was my PS2 that was scratching CDs/DVDs. And it sucks because I can't use it until I fix whatever problem it has. Still...the situation hasn't changed my brother's taste for invading my room and playing his games whenever he likes. Oh well~

In other stuff, my other hard drive died and Dell computers are *officially* lacking hard drive recognition thingies... >:O but I still like it.

Hmmmm and I think I forgot to do something today...though I don't remember because I didn't use a post-it note, just a cheap faded-out-by-now sticker and marker ._.

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