BKP azn knight blaze
Aug 28, 06 7:22pm
i made my stamp on paint but i cant copy it to your guest book sorry. -brandon kirk porter aka-BKP or B(my friend made my nickname)
Kevin azn knight blaze
Aug 17, 06 4:36am
-signs- Well it signed? What else do you want? Lol, just saying hi. Adding extra character cuz it was to short... Dangit still to short spam spam spam spam
Kevin azn knight blaze
Feb 8, 06 11:14pm
ya rawr is right, heh i never check muh gb so i just noticed u posted...i dno i might have signed urs already >_< oh well ttyl
wowz,youz gotz lotz zof zdampz Z-ya zlater zoe muchz Z's

Kevin azn knight blaze
Nov 12, 05 5:47pm
heres a pic of my amazin guy

sign bak if u want XD

ttyl on ms
chaosinvader azn knight blaze
Aug 4, 05 5:04am
Hi, can yu sign my GB? i signed urs


Mario Is Fat azn knight blaze
May 31, 05 6:40pm
I just gotta new stamp, so I am signing all my neo-friends guestbooks, here ya go!

DQ Maniac azn knight blaze
Feb 23, 05 1:01am
Here ya go, have a stamp, a beautiful stamp!

Mario Is Fat azn knight blaze
Jan 12, 05 11:58pm
Hi its me MIF or I don't know what name to use so I will stick with this, oh and go to
You are cool and I decided to Sign your GB and well UMM UMM I think this is 125 characters
MetalGigadramon azn knight blaze
Dec 31, 04 1:06pm
Hey there azn. Well, I know you're busy and all with GS Lounge, which you're my boss there(lol:laugh:), just dropping by and saying hello to the chief. See you around! In any forums or sites!
MadShadow azn knight blaze
Dec 16, 04 1:10am
Hello azn knight blaze
My name is MadShadow and I was ordered by my slavemaster (AznJerzyGirl) to stamp every NeoMember's guestbook who's name starts with Azn. Congrats! You are one of those other people whos username starts with "azn" so you get to be apart of my humiliating task. AJG told me to confess something to every member's guestbook - so I have to tell you something. When I woke up this morning, I didn't have time to take a shower, so I was very very smelly all day. That means I didn't have time to shave my legs to they were hairy like a gorilla. You're wondering aren't you? Yes, I'm a guy but I still like to shave my legs to keep them nice and smooth. Well at gym class, all the other guys were laughing at me cause' of my hairy legs...but oh well, I didn't mind the utter embarrassment. Well I'm going to stop talking about me now and ask you how you are doing. HOW ARE YOU DOING, ? Well if you want to, you can:
1.) Point and laugh at me
2.) Sign my guestbook back with an embarrassing comment towards me
3.) Sign m master's guestbook congradulating how perfect she is
4.) PM either of us

Thank you for your time ! I really appreciate you taking the time to read this.

AznJerzyGirl's Bitch
metaloverlord azn knight blaze
Sep 17, 04 11:35pm
thanks for signing my guest book

TUMOG azn knight blaze
Sep 14, 04 3:14am

Gah, I've become lazy to type the rest. I'll start doing it when I get a worth while guestbook signing. =P
Andy B azn knight blaze
Sep 13, 04 10:43am
Yo, thanks for being the first to sign my guestbook.
So I guess its only fair if I sign yours.

Cheers Andy B

Find me in the following forums:

>Starcraft: Brood War
>Age of Empires
>Age of Empires II: Age of Kings
>Age of Empires II: Conquerors Expansion
>Age of Empires II: Gold Edition

>Digimon World
>Digimon Rumble arena
>Simpsons Wrestling
>Crash Team Racing
>Metal Gear Solid
>Crash Bandicoot 3 WARPED
>Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back
>Crash Bandicoot
>Spiro 3 Year of the Dragon
>Spiro 2 Ripto's Rage
>Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3
And lots more
MetalGigadramon azn knight blaze
Sep 11, 04 8:31am
Hey,azn, thanks for signing my guestbook, so i decided to sign yours. And thanks for the Banner,but the filesize is too big so maybe check out the DMW 3 forum to see!
JJBDude azn knight blaze
Sep 9, 04 10:32pm

Dunno if you like football / soccer but i do so this stamp will remind you of me, squint to read the words.

Cya around.
Mr Sponget azn knight blaze
Sep 4, 04 11:21pm
Thanks for signing my guestbook. I knew my large font in my sig. would work.

Anyways here's a small stamp.

Digital Seeker azn knight blaze
Sep 2, 04 8:11pm
Hey lil bro. Wat up? i just got to be a member since i have a lot of free time now and i decided to sign ur Guest Book. Sign mine when u get the chance. See ya around in the forums.
Ultimate zero azn knight blaze
Aug 2, 04 7:21pm
ya im bak....
nutin to say hrer realy other than if u want a stamp jus holla at me ill get u one

AznAnarchist azn knight blaze
Jul 27, 04 11:10am
Sup? No prob, if ya need help with FFX, just lemme know I don't know everything, but I know enough to get you farther.

You seem to have a sh*tload of these..."stamps" on your Guestbook. STAMPS SUCK!

On a lighter note...

Cya around!
Omega X azn knight blaze
Jul 19, 04 8:44am
I haven't looked at my Guest Book lately so as a returning favor for you signing my GB, I shall do the same...

golden zubat azn knight blaze
Jul 2, 04 8:43pm
here you go (gives Azn Knight BLaze a cookie) thanks for signing in myguestbook and now
You. Have, Been, Signed, by,
-Golden zubat
Botan azn knight blaze
Jun 9, 04 10:31pm
Er, don't mind me, I'm on a signing spree, probably because I have a subconcious desire to show off my first stamp. XD I know, it's too simple.

>^^< meow!

P.S This message will be the same as all other entries I make today.
Blade Seeker azn knight blaze
Apr 18, 04 3:40pm
i can give u the site a got my avatar off of
PM me if u want it...it had quite a bit of animations and are pretty good
i can also give u a link to a GameFAQs message board that has a lot of .gif links in

Matthew: What do i care i am no knight... speaking of knights...how do u hope to suceed if u got taken in a simple night attack?
(can think of anything to write if u cant tell)
Larn azn knight blaze
Apr 17, 04 2:55pm
I like Marth and Heath too, good choise of you in that thread to choose them!

Life's a fight, let's keep on battling!