Facts about me:

-Full time student studying Civil Engineering

-Neoseeker Hardware Reviewer

-Organist in Residence

-I am a Knight of Columbus (1st Degree)

-Was a Door-to-door salesman

-Ran my own business as aforementioned salesman

-Counter-Strike Junkie (Beat Down Squad [XpK])


Computer Hardware: Anything inside that aluminum box of mine :-)

Music: Classical, Rock, Jazz, Country

Sports: Hockey, Soccer, Tennis, Skiing, Swimming, Roller-blading

Books: Philosophy, Classics, Biography, History


Intel P4 1.7 @ 1.904Ghz
AVC Sunflower HSF
512M PC-800 Samsung RDRAM
Abit Siluro Geforce 4 Ti4600
SB Audigy Platinum
Maxtor 80G HD
Lian Li PC65
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Alex Yeung

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