w/e, i guess i'm stuck with other stuff... failing history
might try to get a new legend of dragoon on internet
w00t, add me, but beware, i don't like ppl knowing my name... if u want it, ill only give u a name to u to refur to me by. RuneScape PC
Pro in all but boxing... WiiSports Wii
WOOT i am young in here! WiiFitPlus Wii
Gave up on making LoD to exist in better version: gave title to Soa
neoseekin', tryin' to get LoD to exist in a better version
only on emulator... ive yet to get it to work, too PokemonEmerald GBA
beat 5 times in a day b4, about 1000 times total SpyroOrangeTheCortexConspiracy GBA
This isn't as good as my other games, but it is my best GBA game. damn, my emulator crashed on me... i won't play the GBA tho... YuGiOhReshefOfDestruction GBA
Idk why, but I like this game more then Drakengard 2. Drakengard PS2
I love this game, I play it whenever I can! If I could, I would die playing this game. TheLegendOfDragoon PSX

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