Why not check out my channel: awesomepossum604 on YouTube. You`ll be glad you did.
I like neoseeker...................a lot.
Back on Neoseeker since August.
Happy 17th birthday N64, you da bomb!!!!
Enjoying my last day of Summer vacation.
A good game if you like destroying stuff. RampageWorldTour N64
I think this is a really good game, that I loved playing when I was younger. SimCoaster PC
Listening to the Super Mario Galaxy 2 Theme right now. So awesome.
I just want to tell the world I LOVE NINTENDO!!!
Follow me on Youtube. I am awesomepossum604.
I loved this game and played it 24/7. I hated when my sims would die though. TheSims PC
When I first heard of the game I thought it seemed so stupid. But, once I actually played it, I never new taking pictures could be so fun. PokemonSnap N64
This game is one of the best fps`s of all time. Even though the graphics aren`t the best, the gameplay makes up for it. GoldenEye007 N64
A great Nintendo 64 game that has paved the way for 3D Mario games. SuperMario64 N64
The tracks were all memorable and fun too play on. MarioKart64 N64
The cool thing about this game is it doesn`t need unlockabes to be popular. MarioKart64 N64
It`s weird how this game came out 5 months after I was born and I never played it till 2007. BanjoTooie N64
A really awesome game, and with great graphics for the N64 hardware. BanjoTooie N64

I love Banjo Kazooie. I started playing it when I was four with my older brother and loved it ever since. Probably one of the best games of all time, and definitely the best in the series. BanjoKazooie N64
Yes! I finally got my n64 to work! Looks like I`ll be playin` Banjo Kazooie for a while.
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