hasn't been on in a very long time!!!!
hasnt been on in a long time
has a game today!
says, “It’s Friday!!!!!”
is bored with Pokemon
hears thunder
is watching How great is our God by Louie Gilgio
is watching %u201CHow great is our God%u201D by Louie Gilgio
is leaving neoseeker forever!!! :( :( :( APRIL FOOLS!!!!!
likes his neogirlfriend, baibai216!!!
The Lord is good!
says “Merry Christmas to all and too all a good night!!”

Today was fun... and I'm off of school! But I don't feel good insideWell you see... I listened to...

is eating a candy cane!!!

Well today is going by kinda slow. The first thing i did was watch Toy Story 3. Then that was about it. here is another tim hawkins video,http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LO2eh6f5Go0&feature=player_detailpage,
he has a website. it is timhawkinscomedy.com. he just got a new dvd with new videos. im pretty excited

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