I'd take Saint's Row over Grand Theft Auto any day. SaintsRow X360
A good adventure game, although for me it seemed a little short of a game... SoulOfDarkness DS
A very fun and imaginative game. PhotoDojo DS
Fun for me and many others, but this game is definitely not for everyone. LegoBattles DS
This is fun, but it gets pretty hard as you go along. GGSeriesSuperHeroOgre DS
I've always wished that they would come out with a Bloons game for the DS, and now they have! Bloons Wii
This is a very fun game, but I do wish that the checkpoints would be more frequent. StarWarsTheForceUnleashed X360
Very fun, but I want to have Halo Reach instead... Halo3 X360
This is a good, solid game. I can play it for hours and not get bored. AfroSamurai X360
This game is extremely creepy, and very shock-inducing. It's very fun! BioShock PC
A very, very good Lego game. I still can't wait for years 5-7, though. LEGOHarryPotterYears14 PC
A very fantastic game, it actually feels like you're being stalked by dinosaurs in gameplay! Turok PC
A very good Naruto game for the DS. NarutoShippudenNinjaDestiny2 DS
I've always been a fan of Viewtiful Joe. ViewtifulJoeDoubleTrouble DS
When you're a Mega Man fan, this is a good game to have. MegaManBattleChipChallenge GBA
Easy to get stuck in, but very fun MetroidPrime GC
A very good Mario game. SuperMarioSunshine GC
I've always been a fan of Viewtiful Joe. ViewtifulJoe2 PS2
A good platform game, but it's pretty tricky as you go along in it. DonkeyKongLand GBC
I've always preferred Pokémon Yellow, but this is still a fun game. PokemonBlue GBC

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