I just recently bought another 3DSxl so I could play ACNL with myself and I've started a new town. I just want to know if

Well, I'm a college student so unfortunately I don't have much time to play as much as I would like to. But wheneve

I've been on Neo since 2006.. holy shit.

My account has been inactive for a few months now, but I'm back with a new FC and gaming system I actually just picked AC

Hey! Just wanting to know what everyone else thinks :) Least Favorite Villager: Phoebe, Buck or Flo Favorite Villager

I have a spare Golden Axe to giveaway. Comment a number 1-50. I will use a random number generator to pick the winner

Katie the kitten is in my town. How long is she here? Also, if anyone would like to take her off my hands, here's my

Are those like a thing in ACNL? I know you could do that in ACWW. If so, can someone explain it?

Balloon Lamp Balloon Chair Balloon Sofa Balloon Bed Balloon Closet Balloon Clock Balloon TV Balloon Dog lamp Balloon

Villagers: Octavian Prince Bob Robin Portia Merry Bianca Graham Goldie Wolfgang (someone is already buying)

let's get weird.
New Leaf tho.... so much nostalgia.
I like videogames more than people.
when I''m bored I watch Zelda walk throughs. #sohelpful
wow. I've been with Neo since '06. #impressed
is obsessed with Ocarina of Time.

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