hello, i am ash man

i live in QLD Australia and i spend most of my time playing pokemon and going to the gym

I love coding and i have gotten particularly into Cryptography

thanks to Norixca_XIII for the AWESOME avatar


johnny78 - a AWESOME buddy - also really nice :)

hermy D - this dude is SIIIICCKK!!!! - he is definatly up there as one of my best neo-friends

kenshinrocks - a GREAT friends, always helps me out, and he is a great co-leader in my clan

kogosamaru - i think he quit neoseeker, which makes me very sad, because i liked him very much

Norixca_XIII - the BESTEST graphics artist in the WORLD - and a great friend, check her out

pikachu1070 - an awesome guy, we both have a great interest....pikachu :D

SACH1 - this guy is like my bestest buddy, but he has been of neoseeker for MONTHS :(

Red Ice Dragon - this guy is awesome, and VERY generous

bob the superiour - a cool guy, we used to talk a lot, but we stopped for some reason :(

kyogre999 - we have started talking again, i like this guy :D

Lylodile - a GREAT clan leader, seriously

mewtwo_master - long time no chat :(

Naruto34 - i like this guy, but he got sad about his clan dying, and i think he left neo :(

Olix - a awesome guy!! :D we are trading buddies, he rocks!

quaver_123 - a awesome graphics maker, and just as gooder friend, but i havent seen him on lately :(

SasukeUchiha - a great clan leader, and a fun guy to talk to :D

Simon1987 - this guy is awesome, he is a member of my clan, and he ROCKS!!!

SleepingNinetails - we are having a race to finish leaf green, lol, but seriosly, this guy is cool

snake_girl - a friend from school, but she's sorta weird, lol...weird in a good way :)

Striker954 - long time no chat :( i miss this guy

superthingy - same sorta age, and lives in Australia, we used to have MAJOR battles :D

Xegaldis - an awesome guy, AND he's real nice


i like most games, but my favs are:

kingdom hearts 1 and 2
*Awaiting HD 1.5 remix!!!*

pokemon soul silver
pokemon white
pokemon diamond
pokemon emerald
pokemon leaf green
pokemon mystery dungeon
pokemon dash
pokemon ranger - big fan
pokemon channel

The sims 3 - Mac

Skyrim - Ps3

my fav movies:

The Hobbit

Karate Kid 2010 - Jaden Smith

pokemon the 1st movie
pokemon 2000
pokemon 3 - spell of the unown
pokemon 4ever
pokemon heroes
pokemon 6 - jirachi wishmaker
pokemon - lucario and the mystry of mew
pokemon ranger and the prince of the sea - Manafi!
pokemon - dialga VS palkia VS darkrai
All pokemon movies

the polar express

Monster house

fav TV shows:

pokemon - number 1, pokemon is the best

Gilmore girls - watch it daily, love it

friends - a real funny show, have all 10 seasons and have them on repeat all the time

lizzie Mcguire - listen to it every night when going to sleep

Other fav things:


my family

my dogs, they are the best dogs EVER!!!!
i have 2 dogs, a poodle named Sparky, and a English cocker spaniel named Penny
they are awesome! and so cute :)

Ash ketchum - he is the best thing in the entire world!!!!

lollies - yum!!

The gym - I train daily, love it

pokemon are the greatest creatures and always will be.
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