Browniesman armangua
Oct 08, 03 7:55pm
You asked me to sign your guestbook, here it is. I sign what people asks me to sign. Have a nice day, and pm me saying if you like brownies or not! Sign Mine everybody!
Onikage armangua
Jun 18, 03 3:34am
Pretty cool Avatar, do you have a sealed-J?
I hope to solve the mystery myself if I could only get one, post the solution here if allowed and have some fame! If anyone belives me if i do crack it
okumsup armangua
Jun 01, 03 11:56pm
Eyyy! nice avatar, have a stamp, i command yaaa

DW3 FAN armangua
Apr 14, 03 8:58am
Hey I just wanted to stop by and sign your I am. Damn I can't think of anything else to say.

Oh yeah nic avatar.
Jay13x armangua
Mar 07, 03 9:21am
Armangua! What the heck kind of name is that? You and Adam need to leave PSO alone for a little while. I'll see if i can get you invited over to Clinton's one of these days. Later.
Shadowslayer armangua
Jan 10, 03 10:50am
Well I saw the link in your sig. and decided to check things out. It's a shame no one's signed this yet, so I will take the first step. I would like to thank you for your presence in the AC3 forum, you are becoming a nice presence there. I hope you continue to come by. Enjoy your time.