ark angel1
Oct 10, 14 3:34pm
So much SSB4, my thumbs are aching
ark angel1
Jun 24, 13 10:34pm
Testing out some symbols for a logo what do you guys think?
ark angel1
May 6, 13 10:57pm
What do you guys think about an new avatar I made?
ark angel1
Apr 25, 13 2:59pm
Xubuntu 13.04 runs really good, surprised really.
ark angel1 shared a news (@bluexy)
Oct 26, 12 10:59pm

In what can only be described as a surprisingly brilliant move, Ubisoft is releasing a Far Cry 3 themed map and...

ark angel1
Oct 3, 12 2:31am
Is there a point to this "Member updates" thing?
ark angel1
Jul 16, 12 5:50pm
You can get followers in this?? Since when?
ark angel1
Jun 24, 12 2:50pm
Can't wait for Dawnguard DLC :DD
ark angel1
Mar 29, 12 1:27am
Gravy isn't a vegetable , it's a fruit!
ark angel1
Mar 18, 12 1:40am
Too much texturing on the mod =_=.....
ark angel1
Mar 10, 12 9:59pm
I used to be a hater like you, until I took friendship to the knee.
ark angel1
Jan 28, 12 1:45am
Reving threads like there's no tomorrow
ark angel1
Jan 24, 12 2:40am
HAAA......DOOO *blip*....ken?
ark angel1
Jan 19, 12 9:13pm
Dug too far
ark angel1
Dec 9, 11 1:55am
20 Percent Cooler in 10 Seconds Flat!
ark angel1
Oct 15, 11 5:52am
is an official bronie
ark angel1
Oct 6, 11 9:13pm
ark angel1
Jul 4, 11 2:11pm
is a hello kitty fanatic
ark angel1
Jun 20, 11 3:36pm
Tradin alot and liking it
ark angel1
Jun 13, 11 4:35pm
Partyin this entire week :D it's brutal

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