Someone who has Aggronite , Charizardite Y,Heracronite and want Pinsirite , Charizardite x , Medichamite pls write to me :)

Someone who has logia or suicube (lv 50) and want kyogre (lv 50) pls write to me :) ✌ (pokemon white )


someone who has vivillon (Meadow Pattern or Tundra Pattern) and want a vivillon (Garden Pattern) pls write to me my fc: jb3

I want to trade for chikorita TO TRADE I HAVE: sunflora chinchou shieldon squirtle jp. golurk misdreavus larvitar cr

articuno Raikou, Entei, and Suicune lugia and oh-oh Groudon and Rayquaza Jirachi Phione

someome who has grimer and want to trade,please write here :) TO TRADE I HAVE: sunflora chinchou shieldon jp. golurk mi

I WANT TO TRADE FOR THIS POKEMONS: torkoal,torchic,purugly,Murkrow TO TRADE I HAVE: yanmega sunflora chinchou shieldon

if someone has a treecko and want a squirtle, please write to me :)

if someone has elekid and want magby or smoochum please write to me :)

someone who has Vullaby and want to trade and get a Rufflet or Braviary , please write to me :)

fc: 0304 7526 8595

I need help to evole my magmar to magmortar,If someone can help me it will be great ! my friend code: 0304 7526 8595

PW :0304 7526 8595

I have scyther with a metal coat (lv 50).someone who has magmar with magmarizer in lv. 50 please trade with me :):) my frien

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