Tank60 arialismom
Nov 13, 05 7:29pm
WOO Stamping spree
This is just a collage of some of my graphics, its not that great but i dont care
stibul arialismom
Jul 25, 05 6:26pm
On a signing spree. Isn't it kyoot?

Sign back soon pweez <3

lordevil arialismom
Jul 11, 05 5:53am
Hey, thanks a lot for the new stamp! I'm just signing your GB with it.

See you around.

From the one and only,
Skulldarknessdragon arialismom
Jul 8, 05 4:15am
hey ariel i got a new stamp the charector is off one of my fav games btw thanks for the awesome Rikku stamp
love you!
Lovedove arialismom
Jul 6, 05 6:25pm
I know I signed July 2,2004, but I'm signing again! LOL! I finally made a stamp! So, now I'm gonna stamp you! Talk to you on AIM! Bye!

xX Kelly Xx
DQ Maniac arialismom
Jun 21, 05 10:45pm
Point of advice: if you see the Burger King, call the police. He has been sighted breaking into people's homes while offering to give residents a free sandwich. Officials have confirmed that the sandwiches handed out by the king contain dangerous toxins. So beware of the king; you very well might be his next target.

lordevil arialismom
May 24, 05 4:23am
Hey arialismom, I got a new stamp, so here you go!

See you later!

From the one and only,
lordevil arialismom
May 9, 05 3:15am
Prepare for a couple of kick-@$$ stamps!

Sign back and PM me if you want to be friends. Bye!

From the one and only,
Skulldarknessdragon arialismom
Apr 7, 05 1:41am
hey wats up you like final fantasy to i think final fantasy is a awesome game. pm me or sign back. which one is your fav. if you are curios final fantasy xx2 is my fav
Dark Divine Alex arialismom
Mar 24, 05 3:41am
I'm both on a signing Spree and i'm wishing you a Happy Easter!! Be seeing you!

Sign back if you can!!
Spartan1088 arialismom
Feb 1, 05 5:37am
Hey, sorry for the delay. Been caught up in some things. Sorry i dont have a picture or something, im just to lazy. Well see you around. bye bye bye

Dark Divine Alex arialismom
Jan 8, 05 1:20am
Hey Arial I hope we will be great friends but until then................

Massive Attack arialismom
Dec 30, 04 12:33am
Heyllo. You know me, as we've talked over PM and you signed my GB! Thanks a lot. Anyway, here's a stamp from me to you. Uh, I think you know who this is. See ya around.

Dreadblade666 arialismom
Oct 28, 04 8:45pm
Hey Arial! Have a spooky halloween! Dont get scared too much, their only kids dressed as monsters! Hahahaha!
Hope you like the halloween stamp!

See ya dude! Muhahahahaha!!
Ffantasy_gamer arialismom
Oct 16, 04 8:51pm

now sign mine or else Guestbook
hugoauthen arialismom
Oct 16, 04 12:45pm
happy wedding and stuff

KujasSilverDragon arialismom
Oct 15, 04 12:43am
We got a wedding stamp made for us!!!!!!

Cool eh?See ya around.

KujasSilverDragon arialismom
Oct 9, 04 7:41pm
Heya baby,I cant wait til Tuesday either!

laceyishot arialismom
Oct 7, 04 3:31am
Hi! It's Lacey B. I just register in, TODAY! I just wanted to say, HI! Hope you enjoy your marriage and congrats. Thanks for showing me how to get in neoseeker and how to register in, too. Thanks, your a best friend! -Bye-
DQ Maniac arialismom
Oct 6, 04 4:23am
Pepper Roni arialismom
Oct 4, 04 2:48pm
hi. just thought i'd sign your gfb again with my new-made stamp. here you go!
KujasSilverDragon arialismom
Oct 3, 04 10:26pm
Whats up my (as of today) Neo-cupcake!
Heres my newest stamp,hopw you like it.
Statiix arialismom
Sep 27, 04 12:12am
Your a good friend and you stamped my Gb so heres yours

Trafalgar arialismom
Sep 26, 04 5:19pm
My creative mind will now compose a message for your guestbook.









Ummm... Thanx for signing mine? And its good to see another great FF Fan!

C ya!
Pepper Roni arialismom
Sep 20, 04 1:20am
hey. i just thought to sighn your guestbook while i was waiting for you to get back on. i hope my stamp isn't too crappy. i'm not good at making them...