Okay I'm finally getting my Bio up, but I'm going to be putting it up piece by piece so if it says cnstruction, working progress I'm working on it anyway.

I'm practically a normal 13 (if you wanna call me normal)with brown hair and blue eyes. I love to do RPs with my friends. I have a character for every RP I played almost. if you want them give me a PM.

My common RP character is my Final Fantasy one. a half demon-wolf that loves to use dark thunder magic.

copy and paste it. Anyway I love playing games being on the computer and all that. =3 I'm a artist (above) a singer and a writer. I have a fanfic on fanfiction and gametalk ( banj-tooie). Also I love my Neo-husbend ^_^

I'm afraid of a few things (like everyone). clowns, spiders,roaches, blah blah but mainly storms. I blame the tornado that almost form across the road from me.

~*Conrstruction, working progress*~ (maybe)
more soon ^^


I love Final Fantasy. I like to play games and be on the computer. Do I have to explain?

Also I love to make siggies, just PM if you wish for one I'll be glad to make one :)

P.S.- My N-Husbend is top of all my interests!
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