sign my guestbook and give me your e-mail to find out who Quarxyz is!(NOT ME MY CHARACTER IM MIGUEL)
hello moto!
Hello, don't really know you, but what the heck let's be friends. I'll add you to my Wii soon, but for now, enjoy the stamp!
Hello, I'm signing your guestbook with a pic.(added bonus) Well I hope you enjoy this pic and if you want to become neo-pals you can pm me if you'd like to though.
I was browsing the SAB2 Forums and I saw GB? Anyways, just remember that you can't sit in a cloud or fire!

Oh yeah, STAMP!
I was told by your sig to sign this. So it has been signed... Be the way, here is a stamp. So I can stamp it. Yeah. I shall stamp it with my Sonic stamp. Yes.

Shot at 2007-07-02


I saw you around in the forums, so I'll stamp:-

A classic FORD racer!

[PS - Don't listen to Eggman615, RobRob, Quick Silver Girl. They are all 1 in the same person and a big time spammer and flamer and troublemaker]
Yo I just wanna sign ur guest book cuz u think Lugia is a kick-ass Poké... hehe...

Here's a stamp...

Hehe, well see ya...

Hope u sign back ^^
Heh I'll sign it.

Peace out~
for being my neo friend i would want to sign ur guest book but i don't have i would just sign it with words thx for being my new friend.
This is "Darkspine Sonic" who replaces Super Sonic:-

He is from Sonic And The Secret Rings!
Thanks for signing my guestbook, stamp for ya:-

See you in the forums!
Hey wuz up,dude?CB here signing your GB.Don't have a stamp yet but maybe sometime in the future I will.So anyways,how bout' we be friends?

Keep It Cool,