Hey everyone! i've decided to make a shiny pokemon trade request thingy for people who want a certain shiny pokemon from

here are the pokemon i want for mew and i would _ONLY_ mew for these please :) LF shinies: Eevee (vaporeon) NICKNAMABLE (

can anyone clone my shiny aggron for me real quick :) thanks a lot!

does anyone have an extra male granbull that knows play rough? it doesn't have to be shiny or can be a clone.i need it fo

Here are my shines for trade :D Arcanine (modest) Golem (bashful) Electrode (impish) Seaking (naughty) Corsola (lax)

can anyone quickly clone my yveltal? i want shiny collateral to prevent me being scammed. thank you :)

ok i know about the masuda method and ditto being the slut but i need some helpful tips on how to breed flawless pokemon,egg

i need some clones and a TRUSTWORTHY person to help evolve my haunter into gengar. i will report scammers! thanks for the hel

Does anyone know any good cloning services? i want to clone some good shinies i have so i can put them up for trade. thanks i

So I heard of shiny value a while back but all I know is that I benefits you in shiny hatching. Can anyone tell me what it is

So I have a modest arcanine and I don't know a really good move set for him. Can anyone give me a good one,including an i

i also have a blastoisinite for a venusaurite or X exclusive mega stones

can anyone judge the movesets for these pokemon? Heliolisk(modest) Item: magnet Moves: paribolic charge,thunder wave,foc

im having trouble with finding shinies. the best luck i have is in consecutive fishing and thats mostly it. are there any oth

looking for trading partners :)

mine has a hasty nature. im looking for an yveltal with a modest or timid nature. i prefer the level to be 50 but it can from

Hi :) i have some shinies i want to trade for other shiny pokemon. Consecutive fishing pokemon ARE offered and wanted! I h

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