Nice sig. lol
Another stamp


Yay! First person to sign in '07! =)

The Red Ranger Army wishes you a Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year! ^-^
Just a 5-minute stamp...

Happy Halloween!

And if you don’t sign back…

I will be very cross! And you don’t want that now do you???

Meh, see you around the Runescape forum.

Help us!!! Martians are attacking!!! *TV Announcement* “Remember folks, the only way to control the Martians is to give Redalert501 an abyssal whip or other disturbing weapon once every 24 hours! That is all.”

^^Yes I made this in Paint

See you around the RuneScape forum noob. Remember to sign back, OR MARTIANS WILL ATTACK!!! MUAHAHA!!! (Visiting my website wouldn’t hurt either)

Oh, and remember my photo album

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hi scizordude renember me?
its me ryan da ryan you were at my shitty drop party.
well thanks for being 0ne of the 3 that came
Hey a22 Heres my new stamp hope you enjoy it..


Snakes are the best!!
i guess ill random sign ur guest book.stamp.

remember to sign mine or gaara will eat u!
Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Happy New Years! ::.

It's New Years day!! Now it's 2006. Feels weird to me still. Have a happy new years day! ^^

No need to sign back please! ^^

(I'm sending this to as many people as I can. Everyone needs a happy new years! I even signed Moderator Requests and AFK's guestbooks XD)
Yeah, I hate signing people's guestbooks. But... if you can stop bring so mad, I'll sign.

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I hate that!

Hey, I See ya around the RS Forum and Ardy world 18 lol, Keep it up!

Sign Back!

In respect to the PM2 regulars...

Congrats. =)
Finally, after years, I have got my new stamp and am signing all of my neofriends with it in celbration.

[div align=center]
..........Thanks to Sweet Blossom!..........
I see you a lot around the Runescape forum so heres a stamp^_^

Hope you like One Piece^_^
Sup I‘m on a signing spree and I saw you in some forums so heres a stamp for you. please sign back.
Double-G here, I figured a nice Conker: Live & Reloaded Stamp would do well. It may be pretty big, but anyway, enjoy!

Gaming Guru
Lol, I finally made a Yoshi stamp, so here ya go!

Have a nice day!

Ahem. Yes, just signing peoples GBs. So you are my first victim.
Hi, saw you in the LeafGreen forums a few times so here you go.
You have been stamped by:


Hey, A22. Here's my new stamp.

^__^ Sorry for not signing your guestbook earlier. I was making this stamp, but I guess I gave up on it! I decided to finish it today, and I of course did. Heh. So I'm Signing. Have fun!

Hey, A22! Here's my new stamp!

I just gotta new stamp, so I am signing all my neo-friends guestbooks, here ya go!