shayne ar_cat
Oct 8, 11 7:38pm
i saw your name yesterday under the birthdays list!! idk if it rly is your birthday but if so, happy birthday ^_____^
thank you for continuing to help neo everyday :3!!
1zelda1 ar_cat
May 11, 08 5:54pm
Im new so how do u play on this website. I mean like how do u put pics on the avatar and how do u just do stuff. On the Geustbook Entry do u have to have a character of 125?
Jesivis ar_cat
Mar 9, 08 3:11am
I've only PM'd you a few times but I just thought I would sign your guest book with one of my new stamps! I recently got a name change and this is just another part of my whole theme of "The Rising Nebula". Hope you like it and just so you know, your new system update, the whole CRS profile and ratings system is amazing! I really love it and it helps me to just enjoy contributing even more! Thanks so much, please sign me back whenever you can now, bye!

:.From your friend.:
Chobi ar_cat
Apr 14, 06 12:20am
Thanks for informing me about that Japanese game. It looks really cute. xD I think that kitty and his friends are featured somewhere else too though. There are tons of merchandise with his face plastered on it.
lollipopz ar_cat
Jan 15, 06 6:25pm

Hello. =3

January 8th, 2006: ! Today was the day that I FINALLY found out that gorgeous Deathy had won me, and that I was the most expensive slave in the auction, maybe in female neoseeker history! It was so great, all of my dreams came true when i found out.

January 9th, 2006: Today I updated (and it looks much MUCH better) my neohome in dedication of wonderful Deathy. Yay! Now I can show everyone how much I love him. I also made a photo for him, which i put in the neophoto-album.

January 10th 2005: Done more to my neohome now!! Looks much much more prettier now, almost like Deathy himself! Of course, nothing compares to him DEATHY RULES!!!!

January 11th - OMG!! GO TO MY NEOHOME!!! *lovelovelovelove* ^w^ I'm sad now because its like, almost halfway through the week and then I will no longer be a slave for him. My life will be over. I'm planning on commiting suicide. Anyway I shouldn't be worrying about that yet.

January 12th - omg Deathy is so hawt that i fought for him. Well not litrally fought, just missed Yunalookalikes PATHETIC ATTEMPT to prove that Summoner Supreme is better than Deathy. It hurts just even saying that. HOW COULD SHE?!? Deathy is king of all. May she rot in summoner supreme-loving hell. ;_;

January 13th - zOMG! FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH!!!!!!!!! But its okay because I had Deathy around to protect me from any scary monsters e.g. U_Turn, so it was all good ^^ Anyway, I meant to put this in a few days ago, but was too busy thinking of Deathy to put it in. I been trying to spread the love for Deathy around. I HAVE ONE PIECE OF FAN ART! >> << By Shattered Silence. Just send me a PM anytime to send me more fan art, cuz I know how you all love him secretly! ^w^ <3

January 14th - Deathy was scarily nice to me today. Which shows how he is the greatest person on neoseeker EVER!! Other Than Crazy Daisy of course. =3 I heart him. And he is better than Slacker.

January 15th - I AM FREE TODAY SOMETIME! *cough* But thats not a good thing of course. >_>' In my heart, I know that I will love Deathy forever and always, and will cherise this last day together. ;_;

Cleric ar_cat
Oct 12, 05 6:33pm
Saw that your involved with nxchange. I am sure it will be awesome when its up and running, so thanks for helping on it.

Your title rocks btw, not sure if its the novelty of it or not but it does.

Anyways probably won't see you about on the actual forums much so if I don't then good luck with it all.