Hey just signing to say Happy Valentines Day!! =)
Hope ya had a good one!!

You are being stamped by the strongest warrior in the Universe!

soz, for the late Merry Xmas

your inbox is full and i cant sent u a PM!!
Wish i could have gotten ya something and maybe talked to ya today, guess you're grounded even on special occassions anyway, Merry Christmas Brit.

Sorry took me so long to say Happy Birthday to ya, wish i was there to give ya a gift. But, i couldn't find any stamps wrothy for an occassion like this, so guess i'll just have to wish you had a happy one. So...

And, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year when they come around, hopefully see you in-between so we can talk again. Miss ya Brit. <3. Hopefully TTYL.
I thought I would sign see ya around ^^:

Hi, and thanks for signing my guestbook! mmmm... FREE COOKIES! Thanks for signing my guestbook! (And for the cookies)
Sorry forgot to sign ya last night, but here now.

Please come back on soon, miss you tons
Stamping guestbooks and yours has become a victim.

See you around.
Hey! Sorry I haven't signed your guesbook! I took a break from Neo for a while. Anyways, I was wondering, where are the free cookies??? haha
Just wanted to say...

And hope to see you back online real soon, can't explain how much i miss you . Please come back soon. I wanna get married, been waitin too long. Love you Brit.
Thanks for signing my guestbook all those weeks ago. I'm here returning the favour. Cheers. PM me anytime. The Rock Bottom

As we say in Ireland, Beatha agus Slainte
Hey there, I am signing Your guestbook because redemption told me to sign every member's g-book, hey I can complain I get paid 20 bucks a month. Anyways sign back.
Well since you wanted a gbook signing here you go, I hope you like FULL MOON the anime

Sign back or maybe PM sometime
Yeah I just got back, sorry for the delay. I am too lazy to write in italian but I have a nice stamp for you.


Thanks for signing...here's one for you!
You signed my guestbook, so I'm signing back.

Ever watch That '70s Show? very hilarious!

Anyways, we can be neo-friends if you want to.

Thanx fo' tha cool stamp, dawg. I'm a fan of Em and 50.
I'm signin' back, as you can see.

Signed by the world's mightiest gamin' gangsta
So heya i saw you signed my guestbook and thanx for that. Ive been away so im only just signing back now. And id like to be friends, ill add you. Pm me sometime. STAMP:
you signed mine so I sign yours...It says I need 125 characters and I just dont know if I can fill that many cause I just dont know you that well and sometimes I rant on and on and on about stuff like the show sanford and son which first aired in the month of august and the year of 1967...oh yeah and...um....silly....puddy?

$TAMP <--thats my stamp

Thanks for signing my book, here's a stamp i just googled coz it looked good.

where the *bleep* is wonka vision when you need it??

pm me sometime if u wanna talk or whatever
Thanks for signing my guestbook. I thought I'd come back and sign yours. So ummm,, ILT2M was here. And needs a stamp. PM me.
You signed my wonderful guestbook, so here I am to return the favor! Take care.

Thanks for signing my guestbook, and nice profile. Eminem is probably my favourite rapper. And poetry is cool with me too. Just not the shit they make us read in school. That stuff, my friend, can go to Hell and burn. Anyway, stamp time. If you have never seen this movie [[Spaceballs]] I demand you buy it. Skip renting. Just buy it. You won't regret it.
Why thankyou for the signing and I shall return the favor with a stamp and some of my cookies.